Chanel Chance Eau TendreAmong the masterpieces of van Gogh and Cezanne, Goya and Renoir adorned with works of art by the great Couturier – Dior allowed to touch the clothes and fragrances, has become a legend.

Exhibition “Dior: under the sign of art” allowed to live the story of the Fashion house and understand that inspired and continues to inspire the great masters. In recognition of House perfumer Francois Demachy is sometimes the most unexpected things.

By the way, Dior is one of the few Houses which has its own perfume. “We are writers, and composers, and artists, so communicate in a language that everyone understands, but no it doesn’t. The one who creates the spirits, can take the liberty to erase the distinction between different forms of expression,” says françois.

As recognized by Demachy, he is inspired by pictures and paintings depicting naked bodies. Perhaps that is why the Dior fragrances created them, so feminine. You can see a beautiful body and create a perfume for him much easier, lived just trying to anticipate our desires.

Perfume made for women’s skin – that’s why Dimanche interesting to see how nudity is expressed in art. Nude is always an allegory, a way to challenge that which is prohibited. And the way to understand what should be the perfume to the skin reproduce the effect, equivalent to the feelings you have, looking at works of art.

Another similarity between painting and spirits is the paint. Colors and lines in the pictures – like a mirror image of flavors. “The flavors are shades,” says Francois Demanche. Certain families smells connected with flowers. For example, “green” aromas with hints of herbs, leaves and nature, or “white” – with chords flowers – lilies, honeysuckle. He likes to use colorful vocabulary when Francois says about spirits. Images of flowers are ideal for the language of fragrance. Although the perfume is still an abstraction, and words cannot describe. They should try.

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