длинные густые ресницыNot all of us, nature has given the long thick eyelashes, but there are a number of ways that may help improve the cilia and make them more beautiful.


Diet for lashes

Proper nutrition can have a very beneficial impact on the health and appearance of the person. And eyelashes in this case is no exception.

Vitamins of B group, in particular Biotin, is necessary for the growth of eyelashes and hair. Lack of Biotin in the body leads to loss of eyelashes. Nutritionists recommend to enrich their diet with foods rich in Biotin, such as yeast, liver, cauliflower, salmon and bananas, carrots, egg yolks, sardines, beans and mushrooms.


Choose the correct ink

  • Hypo-allergenic mascara: on very sensitive eyes, and frequent irritation, for example when wearing contact lenses, experts recommend the use of hypoallergenic mascara. Typically, the appropriate marking of the indicated on the packaging of the product.
  • длинные густые ресницыWaterproof mascara: waterproof mascara is a very profitable product, but the makeup artists are not advised to use this ink every day. Reserving this perfect holiday or walks on the beach. With daily use too dense ingredients found in such a layered on ресничках and clog the pores, besides removing waterproof makeup requires effort. The intense «blanket» waterproof mascara often leads to the thinning and loss of cilia.
  • Double mascara: in one tube of mascara is extremely difficult to place all the ingredients to make eyelashes long, thick and beautiful, so make-up artists are advised to use two carcasses with different effects. Certainly, in the collections of your favorite cosmetics brand has some variants of the extension and the volume mascara. If your goal expressive eyes and beautiful thick eyelashes, apply the first layer is between the ears, and then secure the result layer of mascara, giving cilia additional volume.
  • The lashes in the lower lids: for accurate application of ink on the eyelashes of the lower eyelid makeup artists recommend to use a special brush, its design is especially designed for short cilia. Some companies produce ink for the eyelashes with a tiny brush, allowing gently and carefully paint over each lash. If you cannot find such a mascara, do not worry, this brush can be found in any Department store.
  • Serum mascara and Foundation for the mascara: strengthen and nourishing serum for lashes saturate the cilia vitamins and protective substances. Fundamentals of applied under mascara, and enhancing its effect and allow makeup last longer. Before you purchase a serum or basis in detail to ask the seller what brand products are most in demand, and what are customer reviews about a particular product.


Artificial eyelashes

длинные густые ресницыMascara, whatever it was, could only extend eyelashes and make them thicker and fuller. Admirers of a more dramatic and vivid images have to resort to the help of false eyelashes (which, incidentally, are attached after covering lash mascara).

In the procedure of mounting of false eyelashes are playing a huge role glue. Experts advise to forget about Klee, which is sold in a set with eyelashes, buy professional cosmetic glue for these purposes. This adhesive waterproof, fixes the cilia and is easily removed if you want to remove the eyelashes. Put a drop of glue first on the arm and then on the eyelashes. It is important that the ends of the strips got sufficient adhesive, well documented ends – the secret of resistance and false eyelashes. Do not mount the eyelashes immediately after applying the adhesive, wait 40 seconds until the glue will not become sticky, and then stick lashes, so they better will adapt and survive longer. If you wear false eyelashes, don’t forget about connections to the eye. After eyelashes dried up, draw a thin line from the edge of the eyelashes to the inner corner of the eye, this space should not be empty too.

Sooner or later false eyelashes have to be removed, and here the main thing is to make it very carefully and gently. The temptation to just tear a strip with eyelashes, really great, but this is not recommended. A cotton swab dipped in liquid makeup remover to wipe the places of fastening eyelashes, let them a little отмокнуть. After glue softened, carefully remove the cilia.


Eyelash extension

длинные густые ресницыRecently build-up – highly popular way to find long eyelashes. The essence of escalating gluing artificial cilia in the intervals between your own eyelashes. The procedure of building takes about two hours, but the results last up to several weeks. Specialists recommend to take a correction procedure, every two to three weeks, a small reconstruction takes about 30 minutes.

To artificial cilia lasted longer you will have to get used to sleep on my back (a good way to prevent wrinkles). When removing the makeup, use only the oil funds, daily прочесывайте cilia, so they are not confused and not заламывались. Sometimes loss of artificial lashes provokes hair loss and natural, if you notice that your eyelashes strongly thinned, contact your beauty with a request to remove the lashes.

Loss of eyelashes is a natural process that fell cilia eventually replaced by new ones, but if you notice that the lashes fall out beams, this could indicate a specific problem. If replacement of the carcass, means for removing eye makeup and the use of vitamins does not improved the situation – be sure to check with your doctor. The reason of too intensive-lashes can be an eye infection, suffering with thyroid problems or autoimmune diseases.

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