фантазийный макияжPrepare for the masquerade ball or Halloween? Then without a bright fantasy makeup you just will not do. Bright eyes up, dramatically curved eyebrows, bright lips and incredible images of the skin are the main features that distinguish fantasy makeup from any other. In its help you can easily transform into the heroine of horror films or a fairy tale about forest fairies. Choose image – and boldly embody it in life.


Where to start

фантазийный макияжPut a base under make-up on the face, paying particular attention to the area around the eyes, carefully blend means of a brush or a sponge. For a more secure liquid or creamy texture basics use a sponge. For more uniform coverage experts instead of one thick layer fundamentals recommend to apply two-three thin layer.

Increase and expand the eyes to help shade of white, engraved on the upper eyelid up to the eyebrows, lower eyelid should also cover the shadows, moving from the cheekbones. In the fantasy make-up are allowed, if not encouraged, unnaturally large eyes, as a rule, is part of the image. External corners of the eyes generously move the liquid eyeliner. In this case, can not do without false eyelashes glue or all stripes, or several separate long dramatically curved cilia. Your own eyelashes, you can apply mascara with sequins.

фантазийный макияжUsing colored shadows on your face you can create any image. Deeper shades apply on the upper eyelids, transparent tone similar colors apply around eyebrow and under the bottom lashes shade shade to eye were the original wings of a butterfly.

Fantasy make – up is, first of all with clean lines and striking pattern, here come to the aid of cosmetic pencil. The more colors, the better, you will definitely need white, green or blue pencils and color eyeliner. Now you are fully prepared can get down to the mark on his face cat’s eye, the wings of butterflies, peacock feathers, and of all that the soul desires.

Of course, you can not do without a blush. «Apples» cheeks best to emphasize pink or brick-red blush.

фантазийный макияжIn the fantasy image plays a major role expressive eye makeup, because you should not attract too much attention to his cheeks.

The final chord becomes lipstick. Depending on your image, the color of lipstick can be the most unexpected, blue or black, juicy-pink, red, purple with neon tide and so on. Накрасьте lipstick color selected and put on top of a thin layer of clear gloss.

To enhance the effect, you can wear a colored contact lens, or lens with a pattern.


Fantasy makeup fairies

фантазийный макияжThe image of the fairies always brings back memories of childhood. This makeup is suitable not only for a little girl, but also quite a Mature woman with a rich imagination and ability to reincarnate. In this image, play very important role eyes, experiment with the shades of blue or green tone, and do not forget you fail eyes eyeliner eyeshadow.


The image of the vampire

фантазийный макияжNeedless to say, that today vampires just at the peak of popularity. The image of a vampire you can beat differently, deathly pale makeup with a characteristic makeup, decorative contact lenses, lips, which seemed falls drop of blood just укушенной victims. Makeup in vamp style combined with Gothic-style creates an incredibly refined and romantic image.


Fantasy makeup in the Gothic style

фантазийный макияжExplaining the main idea of the Gothic style, you can think of a lot of options for creative Gothic makeup. You will learn how to do eye makeup in the style of «smoky eyes», not to be afraid of dense and dark shades. By the way, the Gothic makeup if you want very easily transformed into a vampire.


Body art on the cheeks

фантазийный макияжOwn face can be used as a canvas to create a masterpiece, fantasy make-up is possible. Think of a figure, and boldly embody their ideas, do not be afraid to Shine and bright colors. To create a body art choose a special paint or permanent cosmetics.


Ideas for Halloween

фантазийный макияжHalloween is loved not only by children. There are a lot of images and possibilities for adults. Makeup for Halloween importantly eyes. Do not regret the dark shadows and black eyeliner, dark and sinister image can be achieved picturesquely smearing the shade under the bottom eyelid in the form of sagging. Dark and full of eye makeup looks perfect with very pale lips. Not a very «live» lip can be created using the tone means, light masking pencil or cream powder in a very light shade. A bright shade will create a more lively and cheerful image, although for Halloween many choose directly opposite mood. After the festival was over this whole «battle paint» easy to remove baby oil preferably mineral, then wash with, using a familiar face wash, jelly, or foam.

Ideas for fantasy makeup can be taken anywhere from the movies, comics, magazines, or just draw on his face images from his own head.

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