зимний макияжBeauty – the concept of off-season, but to winter look beautiful and attractive to reconsider the color palette of the usual during the summer and very makeup. So, putting it off until next summer makeup, which we fell in love in June, and move on to a new seasonal strategy and create the winter makeup.

First of all forget about бронзаторе, on the skin in the winter, this tool looks very unnatural. Winter light, unlike the summer, falls differently and has a very different shade, so in winter bronzer does not give the desired effect, he just colors skin in color terrace but the play of light, which makes the bronze skin glow in summer, in winter, be out of the question. In winter your main decoration, clean and fresh complexion.

  • In the coming winter season, frost metallic shades faded, replaced by an elegant matte textures. Bright accents and леденцово-juicy tone for cheeks and lips this winter is the most popular trend. However, with bright colors should be handled very carefully, in this case a very great risk to overdo it, and instead of fashion make-up get stage make-up artist of the circus.
  • In winter skin care program is changing as our closet. In the winter, to use more intense moisturizing agents. Change of temperature from the prickly cold wind up the heated apartment has a negative impact on the condition of your skin becomes dry begins to crack and peel. Matte Foundation only highlights the shortcomings of dry skin so in winter the special attention should be paid to nutrition and skin moisturizing. A thick layer of moisturizer caused morning almost negates the whole mattifying effect basics, so moisturize the skin better before bedtime. Take care about quality night of the super-dampening and nutritious cream.
  • Effect of matte skin can be achieved by using the minimum number of cosmetic means. If you continue to use the summer version of the Foundation, in order to get the Shine, you have to put a few layers of powder. Pick matting base under makeup corresponds to your skin tone to achieve the desired effect of a single layer of such a facility. Big fluffy brush apply on top of the foundations of a thin layer of transparent powder – and your skin looks just perfectly.
  • Eye makeup this winter distinguishes restraint and приглушенность tones. The color accent in this season falls on the lips and cheeks. However, this does not mean that highlight the eyes fail, cosmetics neutral and natural colours perfectly cope with this task. Held on the very edge of the century liquid or creamy black eyeliner thin line will open the eyes and will give a view of expressiveness. In the zone folds century apply neutral brown shadows or greyish. The shade is better to put a special brush, movements, repeating the shape of a Crescent. The final chord put curly eyelashes outlined in black ink.
  • The color accent – real trend of the winter makeup, but there is a small limitation. To look stylish, we advise you to decide what you will allocate: the cheeks or lips. If you have a beautifully delineated plump lips bright focus on the lips just what you need. High cheekbones will perfectly ideal caused blush appropriate tone. Focus either on the cheeks or lips, too bright makeup in both zones looks vulgar and tasteless. As for the colours, here in the forefront of flower or fruit shades, juicy red, pink, the color of a ripe peach. For light skinned girls are ideal cool pastel shades, more brown-skinned people – tone with a bluish tinge.
  • If your goal is to highlight the lips, накрасьте lipstick without the glitter, not need to contour, shape of lips will get more soft and sensual. By the way, matte lipstick wearing longer than lipstick with silky texture, and thus to worry about his make-up you will have a much smaller. Bright lipstick is perfectly complemented blush soft natural shades.
  • Nature has not made you a full and sensual lips, but you are beautifully lined with high cheekbones. Singling out this part of the face, it is important to show a sense of proportion. Too нарумяненные cheekbones create the impression обветренного person. Most cream blush leaves the skin, so in the winter it is better to use пудровым option, matte skin is the perfect choice. Apply blush along the lines of cheekbones using the beveled brush blush. Don’t take on too much blush immediately, apply first one layer and carefully blend, if you want brightness, add color. The final chord – subdued, almost imperceptible tone lips.

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