Rings are among the most ancient jewelry man. Ring «Save and Protect» is not just a piece of jewelry, and Orthodox charm that along with the conscious crosses and ладанками are Christians. It is made from precious and semiprecious metals, so each believer can buy a security ring, regardless of status and wealth.
Охранные кольца «Спаси и Сохрани»3
The tradition of wearing rings and amulets was introduced in Russia from the times of her baptism. At the beginning of the ring Save and Protect produced strictly in monasteries, as an Orthodox souvenir. Pilgrims who visited the monastery, is willing to buy them to memory. And thanks to the blessing of the Russian Church to wear these ornaments, they acquired protects nature. Wearing a ring «Save and Protect», protects the owner against accidents, the influence of dark forces, the evil eye porche and other evil spirits.

Soon these jewelry to carry out another function – венчальных rings. It is believed that the gold ring engraved with a prayer not only strengthen the Union, but also will protect him from cheating and all sorts of charms.

Silver ring with an inscription «O Lord, Save Me», the highest demand. It’s not only that they are more affordable than gold – silver in itself is considered a metal against the wiles of the evil one. Genuine prayer always before my eyes, and you can always read it in the dangerous moment and turn to God for help.
Охранные кольца «Спаси и Сохрани»
According to Orthodox canons, women should wear gold or silver ring. After wedding in a Church wedding ring should be worn on the finger, and the hand that put him priest. But there are General rules of wearing wedding rings. If you put the wedding ring «Save and Protect» the other fingers that recently popular among young people, it is considered a sin.

Article publication date: November 8, 2013

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