If women are brittle nails, strengthen them special gel will be just right. Every year more and more girls prefer to strengthen their nails gel, rather than to develop them.
Выбираем укрепление ногтей вместо наращивания2
Many women wonder what is different about the procedure of strengthening, nail. While strengthening the nails are covered with a special gel or other similar material, and when increasing the nails become longer, but they can change their shape.

The gel does not cause any harm to the relatives of the nail plates and all, because it contains a resin yew tree, and 2/3 of it consists of protein. Many people take this coating for natural. However, it should be noted that different manufacturers make different gels. For example, the company OPI produces little fluid gel, so you can make any shape of the nail. It should be noted that the gel Polish buy cheap in our online store. When choosing a gel is necessary to pay attention to the quality certificate.

You must also ensure that women are no contraindications to the gel, for example, it may be an Allergy or it could be a skin disease. To avoid this you should contact the master of manicure. And if the wizard said that all is well and no contraindications do not, you can safely proceed to the procedure for strengthen your nails.
Выбираем укрепление ногтей вместо наращивания3
Immediately you need to decide what length must be the edge of the fingernail, it should be noted that the minimum length is only 1 mm. Needed for a few hours before strengthening to exclude water treatments, many masters are not allowed to put the cream on his hands. Make sure to master thoroughly disinfected hands before work.
For most modern girls crack nail Polish is the finishing touch in their way.

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