For decoration of eyelashes, women use all the possible brush. Brushes are an Amateur, it’s for everyday life, and professional, for fashionistas, versed in the decoration of his person.

In price they differ almost three times as professionals are gadgets that facilitate and improve their work.

Also, they are made from natural animal hair. Professional brushes are glued and stitched. In this article we will talk about 2 types of brushes, their uses and their drawbacks.

In the price category, stitched brush more expensive than glued. This is all due to the fact that stitched made of quality materials that are durable and resilient. Such brushes are not subject to the influence of chemicals, fats and alcohol.

For strength, glued the brush is much worse than stitched. The thing is that the bristles are mounted on a conventional adhesive. In addition, there are some types of brushes, such as matched and cut.

Artificial brushes are more expensive, since each fiber specially selected for all types of glass. These brushes make a special effect transition from one color to another. Brush the cut the budget because the villi are not selected under the eyes, and are chosen equally. They should be used as brushes for sharp lines or circles, rather than smooth transitions.

If you wisely use a brush made from natural fibers, it can be nice to put on your face makeup. Such brushes, as a rule, will not harm your powder, lipstick or shadow. But not from natural fibers, which are made of coarse hair, it should not be used because subsequently after some number of uses they often look askance, and apply makeup often becomes more difficult.

The latest developments in the field of make-up brought us modern brush of unnatural hair. The quality is on the level of brushes with natural fibers. There is a special cloth that is smooth and straight, bristly, soft and other. Such brushes at the moment the most expensive, especially made of sable.

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