Кунжутное масло

On the one hand, it may seem that sesame oil for weight loss absolutely unsuitable product. Yes, and how it actually promotes weight loss, if has a very high calorie? On the other hand, the unique composition of the oil really activates the processes in the body that are directly related to the solution of the problem of overweight. It is important to know how to properly use this tool and what negative consequences expect at illiterate its application.

Composition and useful properties

Oil from sesame seeds contain a large number of the most important amino acids (linoleic, oleic, palmitic, stearic) as well as vitamins A, D, C, E and group B, which are essential for the maintenance of the female youth and beauty. They help to normalize hormone balance, improve skin and hair, resist amenorrhea those who are on a strict diet.

Also present here are bioactive (phytosterols, phospholipids, antioxidants and minerals (zinc and calcium, potassium, and phosphorus, iron and manganese). Essential oils, giving кунжутному oil light nutty flavor, can improve the quality of traditional dishes. During the meal they have an impact on receptors and produce a feeling of pleasure. This leads to a more rapid saturation and, accordingly, a person eats significantly smaller portions of food.

Experts argue that the benefit of sesame oil is invaluable for those who decided to organize the process of losing weight with the help of intense physical training. The matter is that omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 are available as part of this product, take an active part in building muscle. Substances impact on the acquisition of all types of protein.

Regular use sesame oil as one of the components of dietary nutrition contributes to the quality of muscle recovery, which is so important for those who seek to lose weight as quickly as possible. And it’s not only loose and sagging skin. People with normally developed muscles are much less prone to obesity (even if the plentiful food), rather than someone who eats a little, but «sickly».

Despite sufficiently high calorie product – almost 600 kcal/100g, there is no doubt that sesame oil is effective for slimming, because in addition to the above useful properties, the attainment of harmony promotes substance сезамин. It is used as an important active component of many modern fat burn complexes. In addition, present in oil squalene will simultaneously work to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood (many overweight people he often overestimated).

Ways of application and contraindications

  1. Taken on an empty stomach oil and запитое a glass of water improves intestinal peristalsis and satisfies hunger. The method recommended for those who adhered to a strict diet and forced even for Breakfast choose low-calorie.
  2. During the day replace fats that you include in their normal diet (butter, margarine, mayonnaise, sour cream etc), sesame oil – fill them with all the diet salads. In any case, do not expose this product heat.
  3. Massage using sesame oil, which added a few drops of essential oil of juniper, improves skin tone, that it is important for those who want to get in shape very quickly. Useful procedure also with cellulite.

Regular consumption of this diet normalizes metabolism, strengthens the body and all its systems, neutralizes free radicals and effectively removes toxins. To sesame oil for weight loss has worked most intensively, eat with a minimum quantity of fat. Let your menu will be white chicken meat, lean fish, seafood, low fat dairy products. Otherwise, you can easily gain weight.

Besides the benefits sesame oil can bring harm – contraindications to its use are varicose veins, blood clots, thrombosis, individual intolerance of sesame. It should be considered that the remedy can cause the development of urolithiasis, if you combine it with aspirin and those foods that are high in oxalic acid (currants, sorrel, cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley and other)

As a valuable source of calcium, sesame oil during pregnancy and breastfeeding may have simply invaluable. However, before starting to use this product for medicinal purposes, you should be sure that the body has a deficiency of the given substance.

Start using sesame oil for weight loss and treatment should be dosed very carefully. Start with a few drops of the product, introduced in the diet, gradually reaching the recommended daily intake – 2-3 tablespoons.


Marina, 33 years. I generally has long abandoned the sunflower oil and use it much more useful and diet substitutes – flax, sesame, etc., is Not to say that I have problems with excess weight. But, of course, this is due not only oils – I don’t eat after 6 PM, and twice a week I go in the pool and doing the house калланетикой.

Sabrina, 29 years. Use sesame oil, when I sit on a low-calorie diet. I think that this is the perfect recipe for weight loss. To the result you are really satisfied, do not neglect physical activity. Otherwise, when you return to your normal diet, the body will start to accumulate what he lacked, and in the form of body fat.

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