One of the relevant services of the modern beauty is a nail. Specialists using artificial means creating an attractive design, which allows to complement the stylish dress or a business suit. However, the cost of such services is often very high and unaffordable for the average consumer.
Наборы накладных ногтей и их особенности3
Best alternative for today become false nails. shop for nail extension offers a wide range of materials, including false nails with comparatively low cost. The Toolkit is minimal, which includes artificial lining and special cosmetic glue.

Artificial nails are a lot of variants. Some models are standard and differ only smooth shape and perfectly smooth surface. Other modifications are equipped decor and stylish designs. False nails attractive because they are not affected by humidity and the environment and maintain its attractiveness for a long time. The design looks natural and not deleted during washing or washing dishes.

Special attention should be paid to the selection of the adhesive. In the modern Internet shops as budget synthetic substances and expensive cosmetic preparations made from natural ingredients. Consistent use of fake nails can lead to serious consequences. The skin appears irritation and unpleasant itching, and these nails will always crack.
Наборы накладных ногтей и их особенности
Cosmetic glue made from natural ingredients, on the contrary, has even health benefits. The substance does not cause any chemical reactions, and does not leave stains and spots.

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