Everyone knows what we women fashionista. We often want to, the new dress, fashion blouse, skirt, as the popular singer. But the fashion, as they say, not угонишься and money it takes enormous amounts of. What to do? Let us learn to sew! For these on the Internet, a lot of articles, videos and courses for those who want to learn to sew.
Семь раз примерь-один отрежь
The main instrument of tailor – this sewing needle but not everyone knows that in Milan on one of the landside there is a monument to the needle and thread. For each type of fabric sewing needles picked, thin or thick. A short, thin needle for filing a hem or long for basting long stitches. Also need good tailors ‘ shears, a set of threads of different colors, measuring tape, tailor’s chalk, a set of pins-неведимок and распарыватель. And how without it? Not all of them will be obtained, in order to learn how to sew need a lot of patience and perseverance.

For a start, you will learn how to perform all kinds of stitches, each is performed with a needle of a certain size and thickness, depending on the fabric products.

Some beginners dressmaker, to quickly sew a new thing did not trouble themselves once again to take the measurements and calculate everything, размерить and be sure to sweep the detail and make the fitting. They are in a hurry zastrochit product, in result, we have to unpick the uneven stitches, lines and redo everything again or thing will look messy and poorly sit on your figure.
Семь раз примерь-один отрежь1am
In popular fashion magazines often pursued patterns, which are designed to conditionally proportional figure, and if your figure has some inherent only to the features you will need to alter the pattern yourself or learn to cut yourself.

Learn how to sew, you can, you only need to really want it and all you get is not said in vain: scary eyes, and his hands make and never too late to learn.

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