For many girls and women like beautiful and unique designs on the nails, but they believe that to draw them can only highly professional nail technician. But this is a misconception. There are many different ways in which to draw any picture on the nail will be under the power of any girl or woman.
Несколько способов нанесения рисунков на ногти3
Simply and quickly apply a pattern on the nail using a set of stamping of Konad. The kit includes several disks, stencils, drawings, special varnish used for printing, lacquer-fixer, as well as special metal scraped to remove excess varnish. Application using this set takes approximately 10 minutes of your time.

If you haven’t bought this universal set, try nail art using Scotch tape. To do this, coat your nails any colour varnish, then you need to wait until it dries. Further nail glue stencil pattern that you cut out of the tape. Now it’s time to apply the nail color of another color. The tape should be removed when dry lacquer.
Несколько способов нанесения рисунков на ногти2
To make the nails a unique, but simple drawings you can also use glitter, sequins, or sparkles. For example, using glosses you can form a picture of flowers.

The technology of drawing in this way is as follows:

  • Cover the nails any colour varnish and wait for it to dry up.
  • Further spread desired pattern on the nails using glitter or rhinestones.
  • And finally, the finished picture you want to freeze necessarily transparent varnish.

Несколько способов нанесения рисунков на ногти4
In addition, you can paint any picture you can use lacquer paint. Typically, the bottles such varnishes are fitted with a very thin brush that allows you to quickly and easily draw on the nails, lines and patterns of different complexity.

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