сексуальный макияжIn order to please a man, she goes to various tricks: shooting eyes, revealing outfits and, of course, sexy makeup. In its quest to attract the attention of ladies constantly wondering what men like, and this question is not always a definite answer.

For some men the red lipstick – a true fetish, and someone seems to like this color too vulgar, someone thrilled from long lashes and not too draws attention to the fact that they are natural or false, and some perceive a woman with fake eyelashes as an empty doll, in which nothing is present.

To please a man, you need first of all to be myself, and not to lose confidence in its irresistibility, however, to file your appearance in the most favorable light, it is useful to know a few secrets of sexy makeup that work flawlessly regardless of the type of appearance, age or status of women. Of course, the tastes of men are different, but the make-up methods give a positive result in most cases.


In the centre of the lips

Some men like it when a woman paints her lips bright red lipstick, but the survey results show that most men hate lipstick, and no matter what color it is. According to the respondents, painted lips uncomfortable and even unpleasant to kiss, and some do not like the smell of lipstick.

Men love full, sensual lips, however they appreciate a soft natural look. So instead of aggressively bright lipstick is better to choose neutral shades or light lip gloss with a slight shimmer effect. By the way, some men are not a turn-on color of lipstick, and the process itself, i.e. how woman paints her lips. What to do, men love with their eyes.

Softness and femininity, it is certainly good, but red lipstick is not for nothing is a classic sexy makeup. To make lipstick last longer smeared, first draw a contour lip pencil in the color of the lipstick, then fill in the lips with this pencil and then apply lipstick.

Neutral lip makeup in the Nude looks very sensual and sexy, especially when combined with expressive eye makeup. Always apply lipstick on the lips well hydrated, the top layer of lipstick, apply a thin layer of transparent gloss. The gloss will give the lips a seductive volume and humidity.


The maelstrom’s eye

Men do not like too heavy and dark eye makeup. Representatives of a strong half of mankind not happy with false eyelashes. Thick lashes always look attractive, however, this effect can be achieved by using the mascara. Just apply a few layers of mascara, carefully fill gaps between each lash individually. Don’t forget about the eyeliner: beautifully made-up eyes make men’s heart beat faster. Learn to paint beautiful, slightly raised at the corners of the eyes, arrows. First move the eye pencil and then draw in one motion, this soft contour of liquid or gel eyeliner.

Smoky eye or makeup “smoky eyes” – failsafe tool of seduction. This makeup gives the look a depth, a mystique, a sexiness, a touch of drama and even a certain perversity, which, by the way, many men, undoubtedly, hot. The degree of impact of such makeup on the strong half of humanity depends on the intensity and density of make-up, as well as the choice of the color of shadows. Smokey eye makeup requires certain skills, but to master this art not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Apply shadow from lash line to the crease of the eyelid, also move the shadow lower lashes. Then, move the upper and lower eyelids with a pencil. Do not forget to properly shade shadow. Especially men like a combination of “Smokey eyes” makeup with a neutral lip.

Modern smoky eye makeup long gone from the classic combination of black and gray. The uniqueness of the eye color, the expressiveness and depth of view can be emphasized by choosing a shadow color definitely. So, shades of copper and blue is perfect for makeup blue eyes, brown eyes is better to choose the combination of chocolate and lavender colors, green-eyed beauties should pay attention to the purple tones, a palette of brown and green hues. The secret of smoky eyes is the harmonious combination of two suitable for eye color eye shadows with a neutral tone, for example, with beige shade. If you use the shadows as eyeliner, apply shadow with a damp brush, in the corner of the eye apply a light shade of eye shadow.

If for some reason you don’t like Smokey eye makeup or you just don’t know how to paint, replace the “Smokey eyes” eye shadows with metallic effect in bronze or Golden tones, combining them with shades of brown. This combination creates an intriguing twinkling effect give the look warmth and softness.



Be sure to pay attention to the shape and thickness of eyebrows. Pretty neat eyebrow “doing” person when any make-up. To give the desired shape brows using pencil, powder or shadows to match the hairs of the eyebrows. Gently comb brows with the brush, and then color pencil.


Excellent tone

Unfortunately, the skin is not perfect, flawless porcelain skin only happens in fairy princesses, but for ordinary women to create smooth beautiful skin will help the right makeup. To keep your skin glowing from inside, avoid heavy matte foundations makeup, choose tools with a light hydrating texture. Evenly feather base, be sure to emphasize the contour of the face paint of suitable color. Light flush looks innocent and sexy at the same time, a combination most men find it incredibly exciting.

And men love a sexy tanned girls, but if you have neither the time nor the desire to disappear in tanning, use a bronzer. Apply a small amount of bronzer on cheekbones and on areas of the face where light is reflected. Don’t forget the chest area, it is best to use bronzer in the form of loose powder, to be applied volume fluffy brush.

By following these tips, you will look flawlessly on a date and at a social function and at a party at the club. Women, wherever they are, always want to charm and to fall in love with.

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