тени для карих глазBrown eyes – the notion of multivalued. Kari called and light tea, almost yellow iris, and brownish-green, almost black. Depending on the hue of the iris should be selected shadow for brown eyesdesigned to emphasize the beauty of the eyes, to make them more expressive. If the shade is properly chosen, brown eyes Shine with beauty.


Tone on tone or contrast?

Nothing transforms the face, as you have correctly performed the eye makeup. And the most important thing in this makeup – choose colors that will make your eyes even more beautiful, more expressive, more attractive. Regardless of the hue of the iris there are two main ways to find shadow palette. You can use shadow colors close to the color of the iris, and you can bet on contrasting colors.

In the first case, the eyes will appear larger and more expressive, and look deeper. In the second case will be able effectively to emphasize the shade of the iris, the eyes will Shine. For this reason, contrasting makeup is recommended primarily to owners of the rare eye color. However, the normal brown eyes contrasting makeup will look spectacular.

Sometimes you can combine contrasting shades of brown colors in the hue of the iris. This makeup requires some skill, as the use of multi-colored shadows involves careful shading borders of flowers. Eye makeup, involving the use of shadows in different shades always looks extremely impressive and perfect for the evening. During the day, it is better to give preference to the shadows, which look more natural.


The choice of color shades depending on the color of the iris

What shadows are brown eyes? Because the brown color has many shades, you must first decide the color of the iris, and then select an appropriate tone of the shadows. The shadow palette for brown eyes can be quite diverse:

  • Light brown, tea, Golden honey shade rainbow oblucki. Makeup in eye color should match the shade of sand, light copper, honey shades. It is desirable that the color of shadows did not coincide completely with a hint of iris, but differed from him at least for a couple of tones. If the choice fell on contrasting shades for a soft blue and Magenta, lavender, sky shades;
  • Brown eyes warm chocolate tones. The choice of eye shadow in the color of the iris is very high: it Golden, and coffee, and copper, cinnamon, chocolate, and even brown tone with a warm shade. For contrasting makeup suitable pale green, blue-green, grayish-purple and smoky blue tones;
  • Brown eyes with a greenish tint. To make such eyes ideal different shades of green – from the most delicate to bold, preferably with a Golden gleam. Green shadow for brown eyes in this case is a perfect choice. For daytime makeup well also suitable nut and sand tones. The evening sometimes you can experiment with dramatic purple or extravagant orange tones;
  • Eyes the shade of bitter chocolate. Such eyes are well suited chestnut and copper shades, the colour of old gold, light chocolate. Contrasting makeup is done in purple and Burgundy colors.

When selecting colors shadows should consider not only the hue of the iris, but also skin color. If the skin is pale and has a cool (pink, blue or grey shade, it is better to give preference to the cold shadows of shades. For tan, yellowish, dark skin best choice will be the shade in warm colours.

The combination of warm and cool colors requires excellent artistic taste and skill. Traditional makeup does not allow such a mixture, but if you want tradition, you can always break. The effect can be very interesting if we can achieve harmony, along using cool tones and warm tones.


The choice of texture and application technique of shadows

Wondering what to paint shadows brown eyes, many focus purely on the shades. Meanwhile, the texture is of no less importance. Matte, gloss, satin and pearlescent shade of the same color will help to create original makeup, expressive and relief. Experimenting with different textures, you can easily fix some of the shortcomings of appearance.

For example, deep-set eyes can be “open” with bright, shiny or pearly eye shadow applied on the eyelids closer to the lashline. With mother of pearl make-up, however, need to be careful: he looks a bit old-fashioned, and sometimes vulgar, and in addition, the photos often gives the effect of bruising. It is better to choose a shade with Chimera. Bulging eyes, on the contrary, it is better to paint with matte shadows, preferring shades a few shades darker than the iris.

Shiny and iridescent shade of Golden and bronze tones are perfect for the evening. These shadows give brown eyes sparkle and charm, hide minor imperfections. At the same time of day shining shadows often look out of place. If you want them still to use natural lighting, it is best to combine these shadows with matte tools, carefully shading the border.

In General, the feather is the alpha and omega of competent eye makeup. No matter how bright makeup, clear boundaries flowers invalid. Patches of shadow on the eyelid look vulgar, you must strive to color gradually vanished, as if flowed into one another. Because brown eyes due to its saturated color always attract attention, make-up should be performed very carefully. Should not be careless strokes and sloppy strokes, makeup brown eyes must be performed at the highest level, that the image was not vulgar and tasteless.

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