тени для бровейThick “sable” eyebrows fashionable today as ever. They enhance facial features, emphasize the individuality, serve as a real decoration. The only condition is that eyebrows should be well groomed, smooth, dark, beautiful shape. An indispensable tool in the care of eyebrows – special shadow for brows that allow you to transform in a matter of minutes.


Shadow for the eyebrows

особенности теней для бровейWhen had really thin eyebrows, many women used to podesavanja special individual hairs eyebrow pencils. From the usual pencil-eyeliners such funds have a high wax content. Thanks to this pencil line is not smeared throughout the day, even if it appears on the forehead sweat.

When fashion entered the wide eyebrows, the use of pencils was not as comfortable as before. Drawing broad brow pencil takes a lot of time. In addition, individual strokes do not look too natural. It is much easier to apply a special shade for eyebrows that will help to achieve the required result very quickly, and your eyebrows will look natural.

From regular eye shadows these shadows are characterized by their resistance. The skin in the forehead is often bold, additionally, on his forehead is a frequent speaker sweat. To eyebrows kept a nice shape and a nice shade throughout the day, you only need to use a special persistent shadow.


How to choose a shadow for the eyebrows

выбрать тени для бровейShadow for brows, just like normal eye shadow, released in different forms. The easiest way to use shadows for brows with wax in the form of a thick pencil. The texture of these shadows is easy enough, so they go smoothly and naturally. The only drawback: they are washed so easily, so not suitable for oily skin or for hot summer.

Dry eye shadow for eyebrows is the most common and easy to use option. The pigment is applied to the eyebrow area with a brush or applicator and lasts a long time. Even more persistent option – liquid eye shadow for brows. To apply them at first may be difficult, but the result lasts for the whole day. And simulating liquid shadow for brows not only give your brows the right shade, but will fix their form.

Every day is best to choose a matte shadow for brows – glitter and pearl, in a business setting will look out of place. For evenings you can choose a more shiny options. However, it is not necessary to have a separate shadow for brows for each situation: one can simply use the gel with glitter to make the eyebrows more attractive.

подобрать тени для бровейIt is important to choose not only the texture but also its tone. Brunettes should not paint the eyebrows in hair color. If the strands are the same color as Raven eyebrow better to pick a more restrained colors, for example the color of bitter chocolate, otherwise the face will look rough.

The rest is better to choose eyeshadow color for eyebrows for about one to two shades darker than hair color. Golden blondes and red suit light brown tones. Ash blonde is better to stay on grayish-brown shadow for brows. To light brown hair suit various shades of brown.

You must strive to ensure that your eyebrows look as natural. Avoid bright black tone and reddish hues, which often give the patient’s face. Usually the shadows for brows are sold in sets of two or more colors: mixing different colors, you can get the color perfect to the colors of skin and hair.


How to draw the eyebrow shadows

рисовать брови тенямиAt first glance, to paint the eyebrow shadows easy. And this is true, but for optimal results you need to know some secrets.

For example, girls with close set eyes is equally undesirable vividly paint the eyebrows along their entire length. Better just a little touch of paint eyebrow closer to the inner corner of the eye, and since the mid cause more shadows, drawing the outer edge of the eyebrow. This will visually expand the space between the eyes. If the eyes are very wide apart, and it seems to be disharmonious, it is, conversely, to carefully draw the eyebrow closest to the nose, less densely imposing shadow on the outside.

If the eyebrows are rare, it is desirable to use strong shadows for brows with a high wax content. These shadows are well kept, not only on the hairs, but also in the areas between them.

макияж бровейBefore colouring your eyebrows should carefully comb brush. This will not only give the eyebrows a nice shape, but will remove hairs with tiny particles of dust, powder, secretions of the sebaceous glands.

Makeup eyebrow requires caution. Better apply eye shadow on your brows in small portions, carefully fill gaps between the space between the hairs. The excess of the shadows, trapped on the skin around the eyebrow, should be carefully removed with a cotton pad.

нанесения теней на бровиAfter applying eye shadow eyebrow it is desirable to fix a special gel. Such gels are transparent or tinted – the latter are more suitable for independent use, and transparent gels perfectly with the shadows for brows. Shiny fixing gels with tiny sequins evening use during the day such funds look unnatural and outrageous. If a special gel eyebrow at hand, you can use a drop of gel for hair styling.

There is also a wax for eyebrows, designed to subdue “unruly” hair. Often the wax is included in the kits for the care of the eyebrows: these sets usually include several kinds of shadows, wax, comb and brush; handy.

Many manufacturers offer shades for eyebrows in sets of two or three colors. Light tint is applied usually on the eyelid under the eyebrow, dark – itself an eyebrow. Can be dyed eyebrow with two colors at once, for example, highlight the tip a darker shade to look more open. In this case, be very carefully shaded color to the border crossing was completely invisible.

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