форма бровейDuring the correction and the allocation of a particular facial features shape of the eyebrows is of great importance. The correct line of the eyebrows – the key to success, while unsuccessful plucked eyebrows stress facial imperfections. For example, eyebrows with high bend of the visually make the round face oval, and a long and elongated face even more lengthened.


Kinds of forms eyebrows

  • Round eyebrows: this form is typical soft rounded a bend, softening the sharp facial features, for example, pointed chin.
  • The acute angle: high sharp bend to this form opens eyes. Such expressive form helps to correct some heavy features, for example, a square jaw or more pull a round face.
  • Soft curve: while bending of such a line of eyebrows is quite high, this form looks quite gently and gracefully.
  • Eyebrows: this form is inherent to a slight bend between the inner area and the highest point bending, this form are perfect with square shape faces.
  • Direct eyebrows: the horizontal layout with minimal bending helps to correct the elongated shape of the face, giving it a more rounded shape.

форма бровейHow do you determine which form of eyebrows will allow you to emphasize the advantages of your appearance and divert attention from its shortcomings? First of all, to define the shape of the face.

Remove make-up, smooth зачешите hair back and look at yourself in the mirror. Very rarely face shape can be placed in the framework of one or another unconditional forms, but to determine what type of the shape of your face closer, it is quite possible.

Distinguish six main types of facial shapes, determining which of them could be your appearance, you can choose the optimum shape of the eyebrows.

The basic shape of the face:

  • Round
  • Elongated
  • Square
  • «Heart»
  • Oval
  • Diamond

If you find it difficult to determine the type of a person, please note the following points:

  • If your face is quite widely in the area of the cheeks and its width is almost equal to the length of such person can be attributed to the round type.
  • If the width of the forehead, cheeks and jaw line you are almost the same, you have a long face. If the jaw has a square form, this type of person belongs to the square.
  • The forehead and cheeks of the same length, narrow and pointed chin – face, in the form of a heart.
  • If the chin is already a few forehead, and gradually narrowing to a narrow, oval, with a rather good allocated cheeks, such a person can be attributed to the oval type.
  • If you have high cheekbones, narrow forehead, angular facial features and pointed chin is a face of a diamond shape, with this type of person is quite rare.


Choose the form

Defining your face type, much easier to choose the shape of the eyebrows, which will correct defects appearance. If you are not afraid of experiments, try different forms, lift bend, extend, shorten, play with width, the key is to find the ideal variant.


Round face

форма бровей Ферджи


If you have a round face, for example, as the singer Fergie or actress Emma Watson, makeup artists recommend line with expressive eyebrows curved. This form allows you to visually lengthen the face, the highest point bending a vertical visually increases the eye and helps to give a round уплощенному face a more graceful oval shape. To achieve a beautiful bend, you cannot do without a pair of tweezers, delete single hairs, following the intended form.

The most advantageous on the round face look eyebrows with high bending, not too long, but the eyebrows soft rounded will face even rounder.


The long face

форма бровей Сара Джессика Паркер

Sarah Jessica Parker

A classic example of Sarah Jessica Parker. If you have the same elongated face, eyebrows better to do direct, without expressive bend. Low brow with a slight curve makeup artists advise those whose appearance resembles Jenny McCarthy, this form of eyebrows allows you to visually expand the face.

So, stretched and elongated faces are ideal horizontal and straight line of the eyebrows, strongly recommended strongly curved short eyebrow, which only emphasize that the length of the face.


Square face

форма бровей Деми Мур

Demi Moore

The face of this form we see demi Moore and Katie Holmes. When a square face thick wide eyebrows exactly what you need. Unruly hair, escaping from a common line is better to remove wax. The main thing in such form, natural accuracy and naturalness. In the case of square face, makeup artists recommend align the highest point of the line of the eyebrows with the widest angle of the line of the lower school, such reception allows to balance a few тяжеловатую lower jaw.

Ideal eyebrows for round face is slightly curved eyebrows, not high, but rather hopeful bend, distracting attention from several ponderous lower part of the face. Definitely should abandon the thin eyebrow soft rounded.



форма бровей Риз Уизерспун

Reese Witherspoon

Classic examples of this type of person Reese Witherspoon and Kim Kardashian.

Eye-catching sharp chin in this case, helps correct rounded the bend line eyebrow. Direct horizontal eyebrows without a hint of a curve of the worst possible options.


Oval face

форма бровей Камерон Диаз

Cameron Diaz

Women with oval face fit virtually any shape of the eyebrows. Rare curved in this case look particularly attractive. But forms with too sharp bend high should be avoided. Celebrities in the oval face: Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel.


Diamond face shape

Optimal shape of the eyebrows for this type of person – round or curved, with an expressive top point, this form allows you to visually narrow the wide cheekbones. The least advantageous at this face look straight horizontal eyebrows, they shorten the face and visually expand it.

To determine where exactly should start an eyebrow, mentally draw a straight line from the outer edge of the noses to the inner corner of the eye. It is along this line should be to the point of the inner edge of the eyebrows.

A straight line from the center of the upper lip along the noses to the outer corner of the eye defines the end point of the line of the eyebrows.

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