шейпингIn the nineties in Russia were popular TV shows with studies shaping. Time passed, and this word seems to disappear from the use of the broad masses, but the technique itself improving your body is still there. Shaping continues to be an effective system for the correction of figure, which is now used by women of all ages and physical training.


Fight obesity

The term «shaping» is at the root of the English word shape, which means «form». Thus, the shaping this kind of exercises, which aim to establish the form of the body, at the correction. According to popular opinion, people can’t lose weight locally, but the adepts of shaping can afford to argue with this physiological axiom, because on the building of the beautiful lines of the body and the aim of its programme. But do not rush into the maelstrom of shaping, if you have accumulated a few pounds, which failed deposited on the buttocks and sides. Quickly and with a guarantee of local fat deposits can be отсесть is that liposuction. Shaping is the whole system of the recovery of the organism, which requires a thoughtful approach, time and effort that will build flexible, beautiful sculptured body.

Many women and men for years, go to the cherished goal to lose weight, but do not achieve satisfactory results. They pedal bike, go in for aerobics, twisting in yoga asanas, practicing Pilates, and the most brave and fearless sway on power trainers. As a result, some get flexibility of muscles, other their elasticity and tone, third pumped up the legs, the arms, trained кардиосистему. And belly fat continues his long life, and it seems not served any physical exercise.

The problem is unbalanced approach to the formation of the figure, the lack of proper nutrition, and the rotation of the types of loads and as a result – the absence of the desired effect. Shaping with its power supply system and the inclusion of aerobic and muscular, which should ideally be carried out under supervision of a specialist solves these problems.


The program shaping

Despite the fact that the system has a fashionable foreign name, it was developed and implemented in the Soviet Union. Leningrad medical Ilya Prohortsev in 1988, patented computer program that was based on accurate mathematical calculations. According to the program of shaping man must pass all the required tests, in course of which will be determined by the condition of his body, level of training, identified possible contraindications.

On the basis of anthropometric data and other physiological characteristics of the person assigned to the individual load and the power supply system. An individual approach is the key to success in flexing at shaping classes, so the importance of coaching and pass all necessary research body.

System shaping includes a complex of exercises with the catabolic and anabolic load. Катаболическая is aerobic exercise, it trains cardiovascular system and burns calories (and, hence, the body fat). Анаболическая or power load is the work of the muscles, their capacity, improving the tone. Complex catabolic and anabolic load helps to effectively burn fat in problem areas, develop stamina and simultaneously build a beautiful silhouette, in which the muscles are not inflated, but the body has the expressed relief. This is the cardinal difference in shaping system from many other popular sports and recreation complexes, which are not capable of providing comprehensive body load.

There are no universal exercises shaping the program loads that could be suitable to everyone. A crucial role in the efficiency of shaping plays exercises focus on the result for a particular Constitution. The authors of this system have identified nine types of figures, each of which developed its own set of exercises. Again this configures dieters on individual work with your body under the supervision of an instructor.

Shaping the program in addition to the main complex of exercises includes rhythmic workout warm-up body, then stretching, подготавливающую your muscles. Then you should set of exercises, and in the final should be a hiatus, during which rhythm is weakened, movements slowed down, the body is preparing to return to a normal pace of life.

Shaping involves load twice a week for an hour. To achieve results is as important regularity and control instructor who will help avoid congestion in the exercises.

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