бритьеBy and large, women began to shave her legs during the Second world war, then nylon stockings were real luxury is not available to every fashionista, and naked, without a single hair legs have become a real trend. Today, shaving is considered a classic, if not old-fashioned method of getting rid of unwanted hair, more and more women for the machine and the blade prefer waxing, creams depilatories and other modern and high-tech methods of hair removal. However, shaving is still the most affordable way to remove body hair and many still use it.


No dry shave!

There is nothing worse for our skin than dry shaving. Before shaving, the skin must be moist, movement of the blade for dry skin leads to the formation of scratches and small cuts. Shaving by itself is equivalent to peeling, dry shaving blade with hairs and removes dead skin cells, making the machine faster blunts, and the quality of the shave is much worse.


Gender equality

In fact, the existence of male and female creams or gels for shaving is a myth, which strongly supports the cosmetic industry and advertising. It makes no sense to buy tools labeled “for women” because their is virtually no different from the male means for shaving. The only difference is the smell. Buying shaving cream, carefully examine the packaging. If the formula is alcohol, and have dry or sensitive skin, return the package back on the shelf. After a shower and shave to the skin it is recommended to apply a lotion or cream with the content of any anti-inflammatory ingredient, menthol, urea or lactic acid.


Oil + foam

To reduce the risk of irritation after shaving will help the following method. Lubricate the skin with baby butter, then apply shaving cream. The oil is not miscible with water, so for all water treatments it will remain on your skin, protecting it from irritation and cuts. If an urgent need to shave, for example, legs, and under the hand were not shave, do not worry, it can be successfully replaced with olive oil. Instead of cream or shaving gel you can also use the conditioner that everything else has moisturizing properties. Shampoo in this case it is better not to use because it dries the skin. The shower gel can be used as shaving foam, only in the most extreme case, the fact that some gels contain a great number of perfumes that combined with shaving can cause skin dryness.


It’s all in the blade

The choice ideal suited for your skin type and hair of the machine requires a certain time, will have to try at least a few options before you find one that will meet all your requirements. Of course, three blade shave better and cleaner than the one, and coupled with the floating head of the machine and moisturizing strips, shaving modern machine becomes easy and enjoyable.

Not so long ago appeared machines with multiple blades, however, if you have sensitive, prone to skin irritation, it is better to give preference to models with two, three blades. Multilevel machines with multiple blades cut hair at the skin, in particular such thorough shaving causes our skin plenty of microtraumas. For normal or oily skin they are invisible, but to those who have sensitive skin get any unpleasant irritation or ingrown hairs. For this type of leather are ideal machines with moisturizing strips containing aloe extract, jojoba oil or acai berries.


Sharp blade

Quality shaving is possible only machine with a sharp blade, do not forget to change the blade, or after shave, you’ll get smooth, beautiful skin, and irritation and small cuts. Razor – intimate thing, to prevent infection or infection diseases such as, for example, hepatitis C, you should not use other people’s machines.


Remove unnecessary

To achieve the maximum result before shaving the skin need to carefully handle exfoliating tool. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, those that are clogging under the blade of the machine, significantly reduce the quality of the shave. In the role of peeling can also act glove from loofah or dry brush, just brush you need to treat dry skin.


The right direction

On the legs the hair grows in the direction from top to bottom, so shaving her legs should be started in the reverse direction. Hair podpiska grow at different angles, therefore the angle of movement of the machine will have to change up until the armpit will not have a single hair.


Mandatory hydration

After shaving the skin should apply a cosmetic oil or moisturizing lotion. With unwanted hair go away and the surface protective layer of the skin, because after shave our skin especially need food and protection. On the skin of the feet are very few sebaceous glands, in places the skin is especially prone to dryness and flaking. If the moisturizer you use oil, be sure to remove the excess oil with a towel.


How to avoid ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are common, and usually very unpleasant. Sometimes after shaving, the hairs atrasta, go under the skin, to reduce the chance of ingrown hair, before shaving in the following days, the skin should be processed carefully exfoliating tool. It is advisable to scrub contains glycolic acid.


Reduction of hair growth is not a myth!

On the packaging of some creams or gels for shaving can be found marked “slows the growth of hair. Many people treat such claims with skepticism, and in vain. Modern technologies allow to include in the composition of shaving ingredients of plant origin, which really allow you to change the quality and quantity of newly growing hair. After applying these creams regrown hair look thinner and lighter.


Tender spots

No matter how convenient it would be shaving, but in some places from unwanted hair can get rid of other methods. For example, in the bikini area skin is very thin and sensitive, so in this case, the hair removal wax is more preferable. Some women use a razor only for shaving underarms and upper legs, but in any case, the choice of the method of hair removal depends on the capabilities of the situation and personal preference.

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