платье футлярA man in a case is not only famous image of a Russian classic. For many decades it’s a memorable image of a woman who is able to seduce a man one rocking hips, which hugs the stylish dress. Comfortable, classic, allowing a million different variations in design and combinations with other details, sheath dress must surely be in the wardrobe of every woman. As soon as she will try it and feel all its advantages, it does not want to leave him, from season to season, adding to his own fashion collection.

Dress case it is easy to imagine – and it really is like the case, облегая silhouette approximately up to the knee or below. These models has a number of benefits when a relatively small handful of contraindications. The last concern compliant and noncompliant one or another type of build, but with a desire and attention to detail you can find a dress-case for a problem shape.


Dignity dresses-case

  • Universality

It is a simple law of fashion – the simpler the thing is, the easier it is combined with other and more interesting to her various accessories-from small and elegant to massive and very characteristic. Dress is amazing how different these qualities. His straight cut without draperies and classical safe length allows it to become basic thing for a business, an elegant, romantic clothing for all ages.

  • Femininity

Dress is the most feminine part. Even skirts men (those Scots can wear, whereas dress given exclusively to the fair sex. If a girl wants to feel all the charm of belonging to their sex, then she should dress, and that the model case will allow to create the uniform basis of several different styles. The simplest version of the dress-a case can be supplemented shoes-boats and fashionable клатчем, and this will be enough for translating the image confident of a beautiful woman.

  • Variability of design

Details such as bell-bottomed trousers or a skirt have a clearly defined fashionable promise, which is not the dress is amazing. It may remain in its style, not expanding, not accumulating girlish ruffles, not finding the frightening hard asymmetric lines, but still be varied. For example, a dress case may slightly vary in length, it may be direct (as worn in the fifties in the form of mini) or waist, monophonic or with printed pattern, with a modest overlaid round collar «Claudine» or with a deep V-neck, приоткрывающем feminine shape. In all cases, depending on the combination can be completely different styles – from conservative retro to the paralytic casual or sexual evening style.


History and modernity

When designers create dresses-case for their collections, they somehow turn to the past. These models have started to appear in the thirties, when gradually womens dress began to lose length, curtains, decorative details. In the forties was sheath dress, which was very closely in the figure. Such models wore self-confident women, who were not afraid of public censure. The fifties became the era of суперсоблазнительных платьеф-case, which received the name вигл-dress (wiggle – download wag (about the hips when you walk)). They had a slim cut, sat very closely and deliberately облегали, and sometimes boldly opened luxurious neckline. The sixties sheath dress was simple, direct, rectangular cut. Further, when fashion much dismayed and began borrowing from the past, couturier continued to rely on the canonical model dresses-case, which are produced now.

Choose a dress of this breed is easy, it is more important to know where to wear and what to combine, to emphasize all the advantages of shapes and hide defects. And you can wear it anywhere.

One of the simplest ways of application of the dress-a case for office style – the choice of classical pattern of adjoining silhouette with a rounded neckline. From above it will complement the business jacket, you can also vary the style of bright silk handkerchief, tied a knot in the neck, a large metal necklace in medieval style.

Gray dress – perfect replacement black. Grey wool dress-the case in a cage perfect for work and looks especially magnificent. You can choose between model anthracite and decorate it at the waist with a thin leather strap in black, brown, green or blue color – choose the color of other accessories.

Dress for a party of this breed will make you feel comfortable, not оголяясь excessively. If the dress with print, embroidery, jabot, bow, worth over throw tippet or strict jacket. Dress that is different smoothness and softness and color, and decoration, you can easily accompany a leather jacket-косухой with varnished or quilted клатчем and sandals with metal pegs.

Sheath dress with Basques ideal model for a secular output. This dress does not need a lot of accessories, quite stylish clutch.

If there is no special occasion, with a dress case can be endlessly experimenting. For example, with a dark uniform dress you can wear bright colored tights, flat ankle boots or boots with присборенным bootleg. If the dress with short sleeves, a little can pacify its excessive rigor and practicality, wearing on top of his plaid shirt, not buttoning her and neck necklace adorned with stones.

In autumn and spring, it is easy to combine sheath dress with knitted cardigans, twisting the neck long scarf or LICs.

When extra pounds and inability or unwillingness to wear tight-fitting dress, you can choose a model case with an open neckline (draws attention to the upper body) and a small asymmetric draped on his waist like dresses in Greek style.

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