Shellac is a coating that can be applied easily, being at home, with your own hands, and in doing so, it will look very nice! Himself variant of application, as the product of cosmetic services and products used in the market quite recently, but has already managed to prove himself and win the hearts of many women, still, after high-quality coating will ensure the lady a beautiful manicure for three weeks!
Шеллак в домашних условиях
To create on your nails manicure with gel Polish, you can use the services of professionals who work in salons. Also, you can use home services, proposals which offers newspaper from hand to hand Khabarovsk in large numbers. But there is a possibility to do a manicure yourself, through the use of special tools, as well as some of the rules of application.

Before proceeding directly to the process of coating shellac, it is necessary to prepare and process the nail plate, carefully remove the cuticle. But it is worth remembering that the use of any additional liquids will eventually ruin the manicure!
Шеллак в домашних условиях
For better anchorage of the coating of the nail plate should be degreased, applying primer, wait until it dries naturally, although it dries very quickly. Then applied a base layer, on which the technique is similar to the application of varnish. Dried it under the UV lamp for about 2 minutes.
Шеллак в домашних условиях
After this procedure on nail surface will remain tacky layer, do not be afraid, it’s okay. Further to this get a sticky layer of colored shellac. In the same way, it should be dried under a lamp for 2 minutes. You need to consider that the application of one layer of colored shellac will give a translucent color on the nail.

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