Шеллак защищает ноготь от механических повреждений

Shellac protects nails from mechanical damage

Beautiful and well-groomed women’s hands and nails always attract attention. But many women face the problem of the fragility of her manicure. Damage to the nail to nail often cracked and chipped. Do something with the housework without gloves almost impossible without damaging your beautiful manicures. And so want to Lac long held on nails and pleased and mistress and others. And the output is quite possible to find, manicure gel lacquer or use shellac, technology of varnishes has its own characteristics, which you can read on.

Shellac – new technology

Shellac – durable manicure. This is a novelty in the field of nail skill. And many women are convinced of its benefits. You paint the hair when they grow roots. Together with shellac you and nails will only paint for that.

Bright nails, a perfect smoothness and no extension. And the endless female trouble does not affect the state of your manicure. Shellac is a combination of varnish and special gel. If you learn all the intricacies of technology of its application, such manicure will be relatively easy to make yourself at home.

Shellac: the advantages of the technology of applying the

Палитра шеллака очень разнообразна

Palette shellac is very diverse

When applying shellac not injured upper layer of the nail plate and using of modern materials, it does not harm the nails. Gel lacquer has a wide color gamut from pastel to the bright and challenging.

The outcome of shellac is fixed with the use of ultraviolet lamp. Therefore, the paint is applied quickly enough. Shellac makes nails stronger, he is able to protect the nail plates from everyday damage.

It can be removed using a special liquid. But after removing the shellac, you can immediately apply a new one. Such a long-term coverage suitable not only for the nails on the hands, but also for toe nail. With the help of shellac you enjoy your manicure at least 2-3 weeks.

Technology of application of shellac

Сначала делаем обычный маникюр | Сначала делаем обычный маникюр, затем прошлифовываем поверхность

First, make a regular manicure, then прошлифовываем surface

Preparation for application of shellac:

  • Before applying shellac need to do regular dry manicure. Pick up the cuticle and create the correct form of the nail plate.
  • To better lay the Foundation gel, need a little bit polished nail surface, remove the dust with the brush.
  • Disinfect the nail can be antibacterial agent.
  • After disinfection nails need to degrease, otherwise Lac lies uneven layer or will slide off.

The main part of the application shellac:

  1. The first stage is the base gel. After application under UV lamp should be dried nails for two minutes.
  2. Continue to choose the color. Apply a color nail on the sticky basic coverage. Again drying under a UV lamp for two minutes.
  3. Then you should re-applying color nail Polish and another two-minute drying.

Consolidation of shellac:

Последним наносится закрепляющий слой

The latter is applied reinforcing layer

And the culmination of technology shellac is the application of the anchor layer of the gel, which should be thicker than the previous ones. Remove the stickiness after the last ball, you can use спонжика and обезжиривателя. The cuticle apply a nourishing oil.

Removing shellac

For removal of shellac you will need:

  • special tool for removing shellac (in extreme cases and simple liquid with acetone),
  • cotton pads,
  • foil,
  • orange wand for nails.

First you need to divide the cotton pads in half or quarters. Foil is also divided into pieces. Then смачиваем спонжик the removal liquid shellac, we place on the nail and wrap it with foil. So do every nail. And waiting for the shellac dissolved. It usually takes 10 to 20 minutes.

After expiry of this period orange stick to delete shellac, which remained at the nail plates. And all this – in the home.

With the proper technology of drawing of shellac your manicure will look perfect, and after washing the dishes, and washing the floor, after the vegetable garden, and other household Affairs. At work, at home, on vacation, your nails will always well-groomed and attractive.


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