мерцающая пудра для лицаCosmetics can work wonders, perfect makeup evens skin tone, highlights the expression of opinion, creates the illusion of plumper lips and a beautifully defined cheekbones. Indeed, with the proper use of certain cosmetics and correctly placed accents make-up, as the chisel of the sculptor, and often in the role of the cutter acts shimmering face powder, makeup artists commonly refer to as simmering or highlighter.

This powder allows you to create a play of light that emphasizing certain facial features and creates a harmonious image. If you have never used a shimmering powder, the first time to correctly apply it, you are unlikely, moreover, girls often make the mistake of choosing the wrong skin tone shade of powder. All this is easy to fix, in order to shimmering powder in your hands has turned into a real beauty tool, you need to choose a harmonious color powder to master the technique and its application.


How does sparkling powder

использование мерцающей пудрыSparkling powder is used to highlight certain areas that are in light and color on the accent, give the exterior a more youthful, beautiful and radiant. The most advantageous to look face powder a few shades lighter than the natural skin tone, this shade catches the light to points on the face, where was applied the powder. The main secret of working with the shimmering powder is a strategic choice areas for its application, perfect contour, you can create, knowing exactly where to apply a shimmering powder.

In addition to creating a harmonious contour of the face, sparkling powder literally transforms the skin, giving it a soft shimmer seductive tone and radiance.


How to choose shimmering powder

как выбирать мерцающую пудруPalette of colors and variety of formulas hiliterow wide enough. Sparkling powder – ideal for creating light and deliberate shimmering highlights, but the owners of oily skin as a highlighter it is better to choose means of toning with a matte texture, otherwise the shimmer powder will accentuate the oiliness of the skin. When choosing the shade of shimmer powder should take into account the natural skin tone.

For light skin tones and midtones better to pick up the powder in transparent pinkish colors with pearl effect overflow. The owners of dark skin makeup artists recommend to work with transparent Golden and peach shades. Coral pink gamma gives dark skin unattractive grayish – ashy shade, so a blackish complexion beauties such tones are contraindicated. For optimal results, shimmering powder is recommended for use in combination with a face powder a few shades lighter natural skin color.


How to apply shimmer powder

как наносить мерцающую пудруTool for applying highlighter plays a very important role. Professional makeup artists when working with a shimmering powder is recommended to use a soft brush, sponge or brush with spongey tip create too dense and heavy coverage, while our goal is a natural transparent shimmer. It is best for applying shimmer powder to use a fluffy brush, it distributes the powder on the face evenly, which gives the skin a soft shimmering light.

Choose a brush of medium size, otherwise you can easily go beyond the boundaries of the zones where you want to apply the powder to create a natural and harmonious facial contours. Rounded brushes in this case it is better to prefer a brush with a beveled tip. If the coating is too thick, the brush is better to correct this deficiency, gently feather the excess product.


Strategic area

нанесение мерцающей пудры на лицоTo create a winning play of light on the skin and an attractive face contour shimmering powder should be applied to specific areas.

For highlights of the Central zone of the face, start with the cheeks, apply a thin layer of shimmer powder along the top line of the cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose and in the center of the forehead and chin. If you want to highlight your eyes and make the eyes look brighter, apply shimmer powder under the brow and in the outer corners of the eyes.

A small amount of shimmer powder, apply on the center above the upper lip, focusing on “the bow”, you will be able to highlight the lips, making them more visually plump and sensual.

If you wear a deep neckline or clothing off the shoulder, apply a small amount of shimmer powder along the collarbone, this simple trick will allow you to visually lengthen the neck and draw attention to the upper part of the silhouette.

With the help of shimmer powder to highlight and accentuate any part of the body, neck, collarbone, hands – soft silky shimmer powder gives the skin a special aura of glamour and sexuality.

использование мерцающей пудры для макияжаNow on sale you can meet and shimmering blush and eye shadow with iridescent effect, but if you don’t have anything quite possible to do a powder, just powder, temples, forehead, nose, chin, and “apples” of the cheeks.

If you apply a shimmering powder on the body, always do this before you put on the dress, especially if you use loose shimmer powder. For curvy body contour shimmering powder applied not only to the neck and clavicle, but also on the legs and arms. Powder should be applied only to clean and dry skin, if the powder will mix with the remnants of moisturizer or body lotion, the coating will come out very sloppy.

Shimmering powder can even be applied to hair. If you want to draw attention to its new styling, apply a desired amount of powder on the brush and run it through his hair. Do not apply too much powder, light flicker is enough. Sparkling powder only looks spectacular on dry hair, so if your hair involves a gel or a pomade for the hair, shimmering powder should be abandoned.

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