обувь на плоской подошвеVery many people like shoes on a flat sole. It is easy to put on and it looks great with any outfit. It is worn in spring, summer, fall and sometimes even winter, if there is no snow and you can wear a skirt and tights. Shoes without heels has become an integral part of any ensemble, and it is hard to imagine a wardrobe without this amazing Shoe, despite the fact that it makes us look much lower than in heels.

But not necessarily only wear flat shoes if you are looking for the ease, style and comfort. There are many other options from which to choose, and many other types of shoes that are just as attractive, if not more, but also ultimately add to the growth. For this reason, check out some of the best options of such shoes in this year, whether for summer or fall or even winter. In the end, you’ll just love what you wear, whether it’s a skirt, shirt or amazing shoes.



Although your likes may not be on the side of ordinary shoes without heels, you will not be able to resist espadrille, these lovely shoes from cotton fabric with flexible soles that are mainly flat shoes and look very stylish. Shoes of this design is very cute and reminds ballet flats with ties at the ankle and black and white charming combinations of bands. Espadrilles look great with denim shorts, MIDI skirts and simple knitted sweaters.



You can also choose something with a more closed top that can be worn with socks or without, although we prefer the last option, which provides both style and comfort, even if it does not add to overall growth. Sneakers created for Jogging, sports and just for activity during the day, so they are quite comfortable. They are the most suitable choice and recommended to all.


Sneakers or platform shoes

If the shoes you need style, comfort and height, note the shoes on the platform, which exists in many different shapes and sizes. Some options are with a smooth flat soles, others slightly raise the heel while still preserving the form of the platform. In any case it will be a combination of comfort and height, which should please any woman.


Sandals Velcro

Maybe it’s not the most beautiful shoes and she too adds growth, but these sandals are certainly convenient for the summer months because of the spacious and open. Of course, you don’t want your feet all the time, sweating, and do not want to close your shoes a great pedicure that will only beautify sandals, whatever may be their appearance.


Derby with sequins

If you ever have a desire to wear shiny shoes, a beautiful blue-green sequins on the Derby, probably ideal for this. They are cute, beautiful and simply adorable, and they go very well to almost all types of clothing, creating a large dissonance.

They can be worn to ride a bike or walk for hours, and this ensures that you will look stylish, and you will be comfortable at any time.

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