Experts on the psychology of shopping is considered that with the help of purchases we reduce the distance between the “I” is real and “I” want. You can fill this gap by studying the French language, getting the second higher education, persistently moving through the ranks, winning the man of her dreams, while shaping. But it is much easier to get on sale and there to buy a dozen dresses that fit our idea of a perfect. The woman in the reception with outfits heartbeat slowed, and the number of blinks is reduced to three. She falls into a state close to the TRANS. At the cash register is the opposite: the heart rate and the frequency of blinking increases, there is stress. But very few women are able to cancel the purchase at the checkout, even if you realize that you spent too much.

Thanks to the shopping we feel more attractive, popular, full consideration is given. German psychologist Hans Dietrich compared the she with love: “reckless spending are made with passion. As in love, strong feelings erupt in the blink of an eye, but fade even faster.”

The turban for the Queen. Motives for shopping – a poem and a separate subject for sociological research.

Shopping as a competition. It is rather a male prerogative. The man loves to hit on the effect and to prove to everyone that he is the best male in this pack: buying the most expensive and high-quality suit, or not expensive quality, but pretending to be so. Or the longest car (shut up, grandpa Freud!). Or at least starting at the first traffic light. By the way, the height of the cottages in the village elite is always possible to determine which built the last – he is above all.

Shopping as a reason to boast. The main thing is to be the first. For example, the first to go on vacation to the North pole. Or buy the ill-fated I-Phone, which, however, does not catch the signal, but very prestigious. A cinema ticket to the premiere buy the same purpose, – why not quietly go then, when the excitement subsided.

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