Shopping as a means to improve self-assessment and demonstration of power). Even a child knows who has money calls the shots. If the house is on a woman yells at her husband, and in the office – the boss, the only place where she can feel the mistress of the situation, is the store. In “Beauty” this principle is illustrated with the positive mark (when gir led Julie to dress up and forced sellers to revolve around her uloi).

Shopping as a gift to yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that from time to time to buy something inappropriately expensive and not very good for pure pleasure. According to the observations of sociologists, in the case of “gift” cost amount corresponds to no real budget and size needs for pleasure, praise, stroking himself. “Advertising is often based on this our weakness: “Because you deserve it!”, “You do a lot of work – pleasure”. Consumers have the feeling that they are special and therefore have the right to buy, regardless of price”.

Shopping as creativity and a means of expression. Choose from millions of standard rags only what is in the unique combination of your character and appearance will give a unique result is very feminine and very nice. And for expression does not require a lot of money. Gwen Stefani, for example, loves second hand.
Shopping as proof of their practicality. Purchases are made on the most recent sales or special offers, special discount.

Shopping as a means to attract attention. Offended spouse oligarchs leave in stores fortunes not just to look decent, and the husband finally remembered about their existence – if only because the credit card was empty. Will the scandal is also a way to attract attention.

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