короткие платья с пышной юбкойThere is hardly clothing more charming than a short dress with a fluffy skirt. These dresses evoke doll frocks and give their owners the kind of touching and attractive. However, these dresses are not for everyone: they are quite demanding to external data, so before trying it should critically evaluate myself.


A symbol of femininity

Any dresses look feminine and gentle, which is especially appreciated in our time, when most girls prefer skirts jeans and trousers. But the special charm of dresses have a curvy. Frankly impractical, they look just gorgeous and looks like in children’s books about princesses. Long and short dresses with fluffy skirt for girls are a real symbol of the fabulous Royal life full of luxury and adventure. Girls grow up, and the dream remains: these dresses continue to cause awe in the hearts and adult women.

There is hardly ever a girl who never in his life would like to try this ultra-feminine dress with a fitted top and a lush, flowing skirt. And if long skirts seem to be quite uncomfortable, then similar dresses with short skirts do not have this drawback. They do not restrict movement, do not become tangled in the legs, playfully swaying and seem very tempting.


Features style

The fluffiness of the skirt is achieved in different ways. For example, long skirts ball dresses often do on special hoops that keep their shape. If the skirt is short, it is usually necessary to achieve the desired effect enough to make it multilayered and their pleated.

Because skirts are noticeably increase the volume of the thighs, tops of these dresses is bound to be extremely tight, narrow, and elegant. Not welcome wide sleeves, frills, flounces, large decor and voluminous draping. All these details make the upper part of the figure and the image of the whole. If the top of the dress tightly hugs the body, while the voluminous skirt is lightly developed, it turns harmonious look – feminine, gentle, playful.

Long dresses with full skirts often make decalcomanie, with grosgrain uppers. But the shorter the dress, the shorter is the neckline. Let the top is form fitting but closed: in an attempt to show all the advantages of your figure is very easy to go beyond good taste. Open and richly decorated with lush short dresses are fit only the very young and only for the most special occasions like prom in high school. In other situations when you need to wear a cocktail dress with a full skirt, it is better to opt for a more modest options.

What could be the length of skirts? Stylists recommend to choose the dresses, the hem of which is at the level of the narrowest point of the leg – this is usually just above or just below the knee. Possible and shorter versions, but they often look too challenging, reminding outfits from the sex shop.


Who would suit this dress?

Cute girly dresses with full skirt and tight top are not for everyone. Because this style belongs to emphasized youth, even children, women who are already left from youthful age, he may look a bit strange. Of course, you can be young at heart and in retirement, but it is better to leave a short curvy dresses the most young and fresh.

This style gives a figure extra volume, so it is not recommended to girls with wide hips and heavy buttocks. The figures of the “pear” in dresses such style look no better. But uncovery girls dress may not be suitable if plump waist, and a protruding tummy. In extreme cases, a wide waist can visually make thinner, emphasizing her dark wide belt. Legs should be slender: short skirt visually they may look slightly fat.

Thus, the outfit is designed primarily for very slim and uncovery. In addition, it is desirable that the legs were long enough, because the short skirt can they visually shorten. But that’s not all. The great value has the face, or the face. Short dress with a fluffy skirt is the epitome of frivolity and coquetry. The girl with a serious expression this outfit will look unnatural, it is better to choose the more restrictive option, for example, the classic little black dressbodycon.


What to use with cocktail dress?

In rainy day it is possible to wear a short dress with a full skirt under a jacket or coat. The image has to look good, it is best to choose a short and form-fitting jackets.

As a short dress with a full skirt visually makes the growth less, and the legs are shorter, it is desirable to combine it with high heels. Sandals or ballet flats will look great with this dress badly, hopelessly shortening the legs.

Models of shoes it is advisable to choose elegant, thin, sharp heel, possibly with feminine florals. Extravagant girls can experiment with coarser shoes, but the result of such experiments can be unpredictable. Suitable as shoes and feminine ankle boots, but the boots should be abandoned.

To create a flirtatious look best to give up large practical bags. Small clutch handbag envelope or even handbag-purse will be the best choice. If you choose a mid-size bag, then let it is sure to be soft, without a hint of office style and rigor.

Jewelry to this dress is very desirable. Only if the dress is richly decorated, you can do without them. In other situations, massive bracelets, bright necklace, or at least the original big earrings will be a wonderful addition to the dress.

Dmitry Anokhin

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