короткие трикотажные платьяShort knit dress is one of the most interesting items of female clothing. It may have to be or it may not be, but if you have it, you’ll love it. This is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. Any woman must learn to wear short knit dress.

First of all, do not think that it is a subject winter wardrobe. Depending on the material, you can wear short knit dress and spring, and even in summer. Choose dresses made of light yarn. It’s not a winter coat, it need not be made of heavy woolen yarn. The key word here is “dress”. And as with any dress, short knit dress – comfortable and beautiful.

Choose simple dress neutral – grey-brown, grey, black or white, and then add the brightness of your image by using accessories. Red big earrings, red lipstick and red shoes in combination with grey short knit dress will look great.

Bright, striking short knit dress refer rather to the informal style. Let the picture of the dress will not be too big or flashy. Leather coat or scarf neutral colors may slightly damp down the picture short knit dress and make it more elegant. Most often short knit dress are solid. Choose the color that you most is.

Short knit dress is a classic option to work. Collar-collar or asymmetric collar, drop down from the shoulder can make the dress extraordinary femininity and charm. In combination with a well-fitting a blazer or cute Bolero, your short knit dress might be a good dress for a cocktail party with colleagues.

Going on a date, at dinner or at a party with friends, put on short knit dress with high heels and jewelry from precious metals. If you want to look every day, wear a dress with jeans and boots.

Short knit dress almost always textured. Create a contrast with other subjects of his wardrobe. Leather belt to emphasize your waist, silk scarf will warm you on a cool evening, velvet rose is not the shoulder or wooden pendant will be interesting additions of your image. The possibilities are endless. Now you can be creative, bearing short knit dress.


Can I wear short knit dress with short boots

Short knit dress not only gives you a stylish look, but warm in cool weather. You warm and cozy and it does not need to wear many layers of clothing, which is lost feminine image. However, if you doubt whether you can wear a short knit dress with short boots, feel free to put them together and feel of a chic and elegant.


Easy and comfortable

If you want your outfit was comfortable, and warm you and created elegant way, wear a pair of black suede ankle boots with high heels. Select short knit dress with a collar-Golf, well fitting to the body, but not too close. Well, if it will be a dress chunky dark gray or Burgundy color. Wear opaque tights and ankle boots and you will look tall and slender.


Elegant and attractive

Although short knit dress – comfortable and cosy, it can be very catchy and attractive. Look for short knit dress with round neckline and additional decorations: sparkles, applications or embroidered with a metal thread that will add dress Shine. For example, dress in dark blue, trimmed with silver details. Pick him a pair of short boots with pointed toes and you’re ready to go on a date or to a party for friends.



Short knit dress can be worn not only in winter. Perhaps you have a very easy knitted dress that is quite suitable for spring. Choose a short dress made of thin, lightweight Jersey. To your view was very elegant, wear a black dress. Well will look free black knitted dress with V-neck in combination with black short boots, decorated with the cross-straps, creating effect of the lattice.


How to wear short knit dress.

Short knit dress you can wear different clothes. Wear light dress with long sleeves neutral shade, for example, of gray. From top to wear knitted sweater dress with a round neck deep gray. Do not worry if the bottom hem of the dress is visible from under the top. Put on a pair of black leggings and short boots with lacing flat shoes. From top to wear black coat and you’re ready.


How to choose a short knit dress according to the type of shape

Each of us have some annoying problem areas, which we feel insecure and trying to hide it with clothes. Choosing the dress on the wrong style, we can only highlight the flaws. Using the tips below, select short knit dress in accordance with its shapes and enjoy your shopping.

  • Problem: wide hips, short torso;
  • Solution: high waist.

Silhouette dress Empire, that is, with a high waistline, will create the effect of harmony in the hips, regardless of their size. This style is ideally will solve your problem. The silhouette of the Empire also disguise a short torso.

  • Problem: a large belly
  • Solution: the a-line dresses.

Dress of trapeze style perfectly hides the belly. Because this dress is not the waist, it is conveniently falls along the body. Not only buy a dress size bigger, because it can add to your body volume.

  • Problem: a large bust, full buttocks;
  • Solution: adjacent waist, wide hem.

Short knit dress with a tight waist and a fairly wide hem helps women with large breast to balance heavy upper part of the figure. This style gives the figure is more precise than the dress without the waist. Gently flowing skirt beautifully completes the image. Dress should be neither too close nor too baggy. It should be easy to move it. This dress will also hide too full buttocks.

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