Every girl dreams of a long and well-kept negotka, but not all of them are. With proper care and manicure even short nails can look perfectly.

Many makes building, others decide to improve their native speaker of Polish.
Короткие ногти, правила идеального маникюра1
Do not forget about nutrition, which also affects the growth and healthy looking nails. Even the girls are trying to lose weight know how important it is to balance a diet, about this you can read in articles all about diets. But now take a look at the top tips solve this problem beautiful manicure. The most important rule is to choose the appropriate form of nails. If you look at fashion trends, it is time to choose a rectangular shape. But there are some nuances – it is suitable only for women with long fingers. The best choice will be the oval form, it lengthens visually fingers and again becoming popular.

If nature has not made long fingers, and everything else, and the nail plate small – need to carefully remove the cuticle. This will make manicure neater. Pay attention to the nail, it is on the short to see all the disadvantages. So cutting them exactly.

If you choose the color varnish to give preference is darker shades. But this does not mean that light will look bad. It is better to try different colors and choose the perfect combination. If the hands wide nails, apply varnish should centered, not painting on each side for a couple of millimeters.
Короткие ногти, правила идеального маникюра3
Do not use volumetric elements for manicure, such as the molding of the acrylic. The exception is the ornament only on a few nails. The pictures can also help. Horizontal drawn strip visually make the nails are larger, because vertical – visually lengthen the nail. Most of all for short nails approach the dark varnishes, French manicure and a variety of feminine figures.

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