короткие свадебные платьяWedding dresses in the view of most women do not necessarily white, but certainly long, resembling outfit Princess from a fairy tale. However, some women choose our wedding day short wedding dresses. They give preference to those who really loves freedom of movement, and those who are planning to play a wedding in unusual places, for example, the yarn.


Tips for those who decided to choose a short wedding dress

«Tea» length better than «cocktail». Dresses tea length skirt with a length of about mid-ankle – at the wedding looks more appropriate than cocktail dresses. Of course, if you dream to get married in micro mini, you, no one can deny this, but in most cases it is better to prefer the tea length. Especially recommended to follow this advice, if you invite to the wedding of relatives of the husband, that you do not know all too well. Overly Frank’s wedding dress is unlikely to give a good impression – we want it or not, and in the 21st century we still meet on clothes. Wedding dresses knee-length and above appropriate if your wedding will be held in the form of a friendly party, and various themed weddings.

If your wedding will be bridesmaids, to dresses of the same length as your own, or slightly shorter.

Choose the right shoes. If under a long dress shoes are almost imperceptible, and some brides allow themselves to wear to a wedding is not how beautiful, how comfortable shoes (for example, pumps, which are easier to pass the whole saturated wedding day than in boats in stilettos), brides in short dresses to the choice of shoes should be taken very seriously – they will see everything. Perfect choice of white pumps on high or average height of the heel. They suit any wedding dress, and you can wear them after the wedding. You can choose unusual, extravagant shoes, but in such a case the dress should be fairly simple. If you marry in the cold season, you can find a short dress elegant white boots, in which you will look very stylish, and not freeze during the photo session under the open sky.

A few of the flowers instead of a bouquet. Traditional bouquet of the bride might divert attention from the short wedding dress. Once you have chosen a simple dress, bouquet, too, should be simple – a few flowers will be quite enough.


Short wedding dresses star brides

Sometimes short wedding dresses buy for reasons of economy, but they are often chosen and the bride, who can afford almost any dress.

Keira Knightley and James Raiton had very modest by stellar standards wedding. They married in a small town in the South of France, in the presence of a dozen guests. The bride was short strapless dress, white tweed jacket and shoes.

короткие свадебные платья Кира Найтли

Keira Knightley

The star of «Pirates of the Caribbean» is not the only celebrity, which went under the crown in a short dress. Audrey Hepburn in 1954, she married the Chalk Ferrera in a white dress tea length. Dress with a high neck, long sleeves and a wide belt to show a thin waist bride, complemented by a wreath of white flowers.

Natalie Portman for her wedding with Benjamin Мильпье too preferred dress tea length. Simple style, long sleeves of transparent fabric and a minimum of decorative details – and the result is a very stylish, elegant image.

Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber married on the beach one of the Bahamas. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that the bride was in a very short white dress-combination with thin spaghetti straps, barefoot – how and her fiance.


Best short wedding dresses new season

White wedding dress-pencil from brand Hobbs length just above the knee may appeal to those who are not going to organize a magnificent ceremony. Besides, dress with uppers of transparent fabric and lace with floral motifs can be worn not only once in a lifetime – it is suitable for any summer holiday.

The wedding dress from Delphine Manivet high neck, three-quarter length sleeves and skirt reminiscent of ballet tutu. If you have perfect legs and brave enough can opt for the wedding this dress, and do not doubt – you will be inimitable.

короткие свадебные платья Hobbs


короткие свадебные платья Delphine Manivet

Delphine Manivet

Outfit ivory from Phase Eight with uppers of smooth silk and lace skirt length just below the knee – elegant and stylish choice for a real lady.

For brides who love the ultra-modern style, in the collection Amsale a dress that suits their tastes, but also to not cause too much confusion from the more conservative guests. This dresses wide skirt above the knee and asymmetric top with one short sleeves.

Even if you have nothing to do with ballet, you may like a wedding dress by Oscar de la Renta – strapless, with a short skirt made of laminated white tulle and lace. In it you will feel like a real Princess-Swan.

короткие свадебные платья Phase Eight

Phase Eight

короткие свадебные платья Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta

The wedding dress tops from Jorge Terra wide skirt and risky length, but the bride, having gorgeous legs, it will look amazing.

White lace dress of Elizabeth Filmore is neither short nor long – he fashionable asymmetric hem, which opens the front feet, and completely hides them behind. Anyway, exquisite dress, but only brides with enough slender figures.

Charming wedding dress from Naomi Neoh will delight lovers of retro style. He has a wide skirt length up to mid-calf, hard corset and short sleeves made of transparent lace fabric. Dress perfectly complements the flower on the waist and a small coquettish cap.

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