шорты с термоэффектом

The reflection in the mirror catching depression, clothes bursting at the seams, and I also want to be like Hollywood beauty. Need something to do. The fridge is decorated with the appropriate slogan, they have a hard diet, fitness and other torture. Readings weights increase confidence in the correctness of their actions, but the result is not pleasing. You will lose weight, and otherwise “ears” on the hips proudly flaunt to their places. Perhaps it’s time to pay attention to the special shorts for weight loss?

A brief overview of the most popular brands

Thought about the benefits of using corrective service, which is created from some innovative, if not “space” materials, embodies certain common grain. But the choice is so wide and diverse that the ladies often get lost and just don’t know what will suit them. Therefore, it is necessary to learn about these products and more. From which they are made? Look like? When how to better use them, and what results can be achieved?

Neoprene is the most unique of the material used to create shorts. Porous and lightweight, soft and flexible, easily taking contours of the body and having a thermal effect, it can render good service in the fight against excess weight, loose skin and cellulite. And now a little information about the most popular brands:

  1. Artemis. Composition: nylon 5% (upper layer) and neoprene 95%, thickness mm Has a high waist and zip at the side seam, which provides ease of use and good fit on the figure, and the ability to work not only on the buttocks, but also on non-planar midsection and “rollers” on the waist.
  2. MegaSlim. Have the same composition, but the thickness is 1 mm. Contain microcapsules with components of caffeine and rogesterone, which helps boost metabolism and increase circulation. Clasp Velcro at the waist allows you to individually adjust the volume.
  3. Vulkan. Has an additional corrugated inserts at sides and inner layer of thermoses, which provides a useful micro-massage. The shorts tight, beautiful blue color, the top layer of nylon, main – neoprene.
    Популярные марки шорт для похудения
  4. Hot shapers. Such shorts for weight loss are made from a fabric of the new generation Neotex, which comprises 40% neoprene, polyester and nylon in equal parts. These shorts are so attractive that go into them can be in the fitness club, and a useful walk in the Park to go Jogging or Nordic walking.
  5. Sunex. The inner and outer layer of products made of neoprene, and between them there is a layer of latex. Model beautiful silhouette, support the tummy. Shorts bilateral.
  6. Hotex. These products stand apart, because you are most likely not for sports, but for everyday wear in the form of corrective underwear. The original mating waves, reinforced in the abdomen, and a wide belt provides a good slimming effect. Special impregnation with pepper creates a warm-up and improves circulation. In the composition of nylon and spandex.
    Популярные марки шорт для похудения 2

Instruction on the use of slimming shorts

The principle of the shorts is that due to their snug fit to the body during exercise they retain heat and create sauna effect. Due to the increased sweating waste, toxins and stagnant fluids, improves circulation and increases lymph flow. Obtained and anti-cellulite effect, which gradually destroys the “orange peel”.

A key component of the health of such products – active movement and sport. Lying on the couch or take a leisurely stroll, to lose weight you will not succeed. Still would be nice to find a low-calorie diet and to refrain from knowingly harmful products and to increase the amount of water consumed. To go to the extreme and be in shorts all day is impossible. To wear them for 2-3 hours, otherwise there is a risk of unpleasant complications and diseases, including dermatology. Prolonged compression of blood vessels and organs of the small pelvis can also lead to the development of varicose veins and much more serious problems on the “lady’s” health.

The strongest part of the population can also enjoy the privilege of a fast weight loss with shorts, since models are not only women, but also men. But brutal macho should not overly fond of this subject in the toilet for them 1-2 hours of wearing pants is enough. Overheating the pubic area for men is fraught with negative consequences. Wash the shorts is recommended after each use, and thermoacid not tolerate machine washing – only manual. If you have a chronic disease, it is best to consult with your doctor. Contraindications the shorts a little bit, but take into account their needs:

  • increased sensitivity of the skin;
  • the presence of allergic reactions;
  • varicose veins;
  • skin diseases;
  • disturbances of the heart, kidneys;
  • tumor formation.

How to choose where to buy and at what price?

On the question of how to choose the product to get the maximum effect, the answer is one – size, but not less and not more. For this you need to measure the waist and buttocks and checked with attached shorts dimensional scale. Also need to focus on the thickness of your wallet. Other selection criteria don’t really matter, because all of these pants about the same.

Buy shorts in online stores, teleshopping “Top shop” or on his official website. Not all brands, but many of them are sold in regular pharmacies. And of course, to help sports stores and hypermarkets that offer a wide range and size range of such products. The cost of the shorts of different brands varies from 350 to 4000 rubles.


Lily, 31 years. Shorts Artemis bought 5 years ago, I had to remove 8 kg of excess weight. With this problem I did, but the product still use today, in order not to lose its shape, because the priest is a known issue for every woman. If you start cleaning, then immediately pull your favorite pants and forward, no fitness is not needed. Only 2-3 hours of intensive work with a vacuum cleaner and a rag, and I was soaking wet.

Maria, 28 years. Bought a “Volcano”, hoping to straighten your legs, stomach and everything else. Listen to the advice of the seller and got a size smaller, they say, so they quickly will help you that soon will hang and have to go back for new shorts. Put the product to work, to engage in them, could not (very tight – all presses incredibly, so there is some stretching and gymnastics). Moreover, the zipper broke after a few days. In the money was wasted.

Elena, 35 years. I already have the pants “Hot shapers”. Acquired, so to speak, on the occasion of a long time ago, but lay idle. Now after the second birth decided to do the conversion yourself. With the children in the gym to walk, but to do all sorts of home Affairs and cleaning them most. The effect is already noticeable, but on the advice of a friend to use shorts don’t stop – she was able to lose weight, but then the result quickly faded away.


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