гель для душаBuying cosmetic hygiene products only at first glance seems simple. It is sometimes difficult to make the right choice, for example, it is better to buy shower gel or regular soap. And gel, and soap have their advantages and disadvantages. So you decide what is best to use based on your skin type.


The difference between soap and shower gel

гель для душаSoap is produced by mixing liquid fats (such as vegetable oils and animal fats) with alkaline with sodium hydroxide. This process is called saponification. Liquid soap do just as well, but instead of alkaline hydroxide put the potassium hydroxide. Matter how scary is not sounded for you these names, they are not dangerous to health, because during the process of manufacturing soap all harmful components evaporate and only beautiful scented soap.

As for shower gels, they contain basically the same ingredients as water, foaming ingredient (usually valium) and betaines, chemical components that help all the components of the gel to connect together. Recently appeared contradictory attitude towards the valium, resulting in many companies switched to natural foaming components or simply refused from using lauryl sulphate in their products. In fact, the components can really irritate the skin if it is not carefully washed with water.

In addition, the shower gels are also different perfume fragrances, dyes, preservatives. Now manufacturers are trying to add to the composition of the gels, vegetable components, various herbal extracts, vegetable and essential oils (coconut, almond, and others). Natural ingredients provide the best moisturizing and skin nourishment.

As for perfume fragrances, this is one of the defining criteria for selection of shower gels. In fact often we buy shower gel only when we love its aroma. And then we look at its composition.


Than it is better to use shower gel or soap?

гель для душаSoap perfectly washes away dirt, dust and excess fat from the skin. It is easy to apply on the skin, you can do even without washcloths. If you are engaged in athletic sports or prone to heavy sweating, it is best to use soap. Prefer the soap from natural ingredients.

However, if your skin is very delicate and sensitive, dry or prone to eczema, it is an ideal choice for you – this shower gel. As the shower gels are water based, they are better and faster moisturize the skin. Often gels supplemented with softening and soothing the skin components, vitamins C and E.

Choose a shower gel it is necessary not only taking into account your skin type, but with what purpose you buy it. As there is a shower gel with invigorating, or relaxing and calming effect. The composition of these gels is different because they contain different components, providing, for example, tonic or relaxing effect on your skin.

In addition, the shower gels are women, men and children. Formulas such gels are also some differences. So, baby shower gels contain only mild detergents that do not cause irritation and allergic reactions on baby’s skin. In a children’s series of gels also add herbs such as chamomile, series, calendula, sage, etc. are Often part of the children’s shower gels are also vegetable oils, such as olive or sea buckthorn.

For anybody not a secret that a shower must be taken regularly. But it is especially nice to take a shower with a gentle scented gel that will pamper your skin and give it a fresh and pleasant aroma.


Top shower gels with the most fragrant and pleasant aroma

  • Shower gel the Body Shop Satsuma – has a sweet citrus scent of Mandarin or orange (as the title says gel in Japanese). If you like fresh fruit aromas, this gel is just what you need.
  • Shower gel Kai Body Wash will give your body a slight odor of fresh cucumber. If you will use this gel every day, good mood and freshness guaranteed and your skin will be smooth and well hydrated.
  • Shower gel Black Amethyst by Bath & Body Works has a noble aroma with light notes of musk, which will appreciate real women.
  • Shower gel Snow Ago by Lush became very popular as soon as it was available. Its sweet fragrance has become very popular with many women.
  • The Mimosa shower gel by Philosophy is a gel for those who love the scent of Mimosa. If you want to start your day fresh, this gel is a great option to do this.

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