шугаринг бикиниShugaring is an ancient method of epilation, which was known in Ancient Egypt. Paste shugaring is produced exclusively from natural ingredients, so this method of removing unwanted hair is considered one of the safest. Shugaring bikini possible to do both in a dedicated cabin, and at home – though, to get satisfactory result, you may need some practice: make perfect shugaring bikini first time turns out not all.


Shugaring bikini: skin care before and after the procedure

Paste shugaring suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The likelihood of damage to the skin using a paste less than ваксинге, but there are certain precautions are advised to observe.

Before doing shugaring in bikini area, should not be applied on the skin of any creams or lotions. At least the day before the procedure is not recommended to use a scrub or peeling.

Within one day after shugaring not apply to areas of the skin where were removed hair creams and lotions containing perfume additives, deodorant, perfume, powder. You can use lotions, where no dyes and flavorings, preferably, non-allergenic, or intended for sensitive skin. Also it is necessary to avoid exposure of the skin to direct sunlight and physical loads that cause heavy sweating. The day after the shugaring not recommended to go to the bath, the swimming pool, take a bath (including Jacuzzi).

Between treatments shugaring you should make regular exfoliation and moisturizing the skin.


Types of shugaring bikini

There are several types shugaring bikini on the basis of which areas of the skin during the procedure removes hair. Normal shugaring in the bikini area is hair removal that may be visible, when you wear a swimsuit or underwear.

Shugaring bikini deep involves the removal of all hair that is visible when the woman is wearing a Thong. Finally, when do Brazilian waxing sugaring, remove all the hair in the bikini area and around the genital area. The first two types of shugaring can be done at home, but if you want to make the Brazilian hair removal, better consult a specialist.


Shugaring zone deep bikini

To make shugaring bikini at home, you will need the following ingredients: two cups of sugar, a quarter Cup of lemon juice and the same quantity of water, or one Cup of sugar, one Cup of honey and the juice of half a lemon. You will also need the pieces of fabric width of 3 to 6 cm, and a length of 20-25 cm Mix ingredients in a small saucepan, and put it on medium fire. When the mixture comes to a boil, reduce the heat, and, stirring regularly, cook the pasta until it becomes a smooth paste. Its temperature reaches approximately, 120C, therefore, to observe extreme caution. When you get a homogeneous mass, remove the pot with fire. After the paste has cooled a little, but before she thickened, pour it in a glass jar. Use it only after it has cooled to room temperature. Be very careful: hot pasta when applied to the skin can cause severe burns.

Pasta shugaring you can cook in the microwave. For this mix in a large bowl one Cup of sugar and a quarter Cup of honey and the juice of half a lemon, and heat the mixture in the oven for two minutes, every 20-30 seconds, taking the Cup to prevent pasta. Let finished pasta cool down and pour it into the glass jar.

As is done shugaring deep bikini:

  • Apply on the skin a bit of corn starch and lightly RUB the skin. Thanks to this paste will not be too hard to stick to the skin, and the process is less painful.
  • With a special spatula apply sugar paste a thin layer on the surface of the skin, moving in the direction of hair growth.
  • Apply to the skin strips of cloth, and several times the force of drag them with his hands.
  • After about a minute, slightly tighten the skin with one hand and with the other hand, sharp movement against the direction of hair growth, pick the strips of cloth. If necessary, you can remove hair from one area of skin two or three times in a row – re-use of sugar paste, unlike wax is not harmful for the skin.


Additional recommendations

  • Hair length shugaring bikini should be from 6 to 12 mm. If the hair is much longer cut it with scissors.
  • Fabric strips that you used shugaring, can be washed and used again.
  • The remaining sugar paste can be stored in the refrigerator in a tightly closed. Before using it to warm up in a saucepan or in the microwave.
  • Sugar paste should not be cause of moles, warts, stretch marks, scratches, cuts and burns, as well as those areas of the skin where rash appeared, and which has Vienna, extended as a result of varicose veins.
  • If the paste is too thick, add one tablespoon of water, and put on a minute in a microwave oven. Then stir the paste and let it cool.

Before you do shugaring skin around the intimate places for the first time, you should at least do this procedure at the beauty salon. There you will get the idea about how to make shugaring zone bikini deep professionals get a lot of useful tips and use them to do the sugar waxing at home.


Advantages shugaring bikini

Shugaring bikini provides not less lasting than waxing, and it is considered more secure. The probability that shugaring lead to bruising or burns, very small. Paste for шураринга much less than wax, allergic reactions. In the Sahara, unlike wax practically not bacteria. Because sugar is dissolved in water, sugar paste easily washed off the skin; the wax residue need to remove with the help of special tools.

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