шугаринг подмышекAlthough in some regions of the planet hair growing in the armpits, may be deemed to be sexual in the Western world they consider undesirable. This is especially true for women – they traditionally get rid of underarm hair, using a variety of methods of hair removal. Unwanted hair can just shave off, but can be done, for example, shugaring underarms – it will take a bit longer than shaving, but will give more lasting results.

Hair removal armpits is not only important in terms of aesthetics – it helps to fight the smell of sweat and some women allows rarely use deodorant. It is believed that wet environment in combination with hairy create the most favorable conditions for the reproduction of bacteria, which underarm sweat smell is much stronger than in other parts of the body. Hair removal together with roots, as if шугаринге, is a particularly effective means of reducing the numbers of these bacteria.


Paste shugaring armpits

Many women prefer to do shugaring axillary not in beauty salons, and yourself, at home. This requires, first of all, to cook sugar paste shugaring. There are several recipes of this pasta – with a few differences. You can use, for example, the following components: two cups of sugar, a quarter Cup of lemon or lime juice, and one-quarter Cup of water. Mix all ingredients in a saucepan, bring mixture to a boil over medium heat, then turn a small fire, and cook pasta approximately 25 minutes until it will not get rich amber colour. Use the paste is recommended only after she almost totally cool.

When the pasta is ready, you can proceed directly to the procedure. Note that the first time shugaring hardly seems you easy and enjoyable. However, if you do it regularly, then eventually the process will take place fairly quickly and easily, and hair removal will be much less painful. However, even the first time shugaring often is far from such severe pain as waxing.


How do shugaring armpits

Shugaring armpits at home is best done in front of a large mirror in which you can see whether you apply sugar paste, without turning his head. Hair length should be not less than 6-7 mm; if the hair is shorter, do shugaring practically useless.

Before doing shugaring, underarm skin must be washed and dried. Make sure that the hair had no traces of deodorant. Apply on the skin a little talcum powder or starch.

Pasta shugaring can be applied with a shovel or hands in gloves. The final option is the least convenient, but it is acceptable if you don’t have special spatula. Spread the paste on the skin smooth layers, trying to put its movements in the direction of hair growth; consider the fact that armpit hair grow in two different directions. Hold up your hand until you have finished making shugaring one armpit. Over a layer of sugar paste attach strips of cloth of appropriate size. Smooth their hands, and after a minute tear strips sharp movement against the direction of hair growth. When you’re finished, rinse skin with water, to wash off the sugar paste. In the same way make epilation other armpit.

If after shugaring you feel discomfort, which persists for more than 3-5 minutes, wipe the skin with ice cubes, or attach it to the cold compress (for example, a towel, soaked in cold water). If necessary, you can use a soothing lotion with extracts of medicinal herbs, for example, pharmacy chamomile or aloe.

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