силиконовые вставки в бюстгальтерNo matter how strong feminist sentiment and as if women have fought for independence, a lady’s bust is still the epitome of femininity and beauty. The chest does not have to be big, but if she is beautiful and her shape is proportional to the figure, it can not play in favor of the female image. If the Breasts are some of the aesthetic issues, there’s always the opportunity to fix it, and not only operational intervention. Silicone inserts in the bra also do it beautifully.


Intimate effect

силиконовые вставки в бюстгальтерSilicone inserts in the bra allow you to visually change the shape of the breast and correct body proportions. They are inserted in the bra, lifting the chest, making it more lush, and the form level and correct if initially with this, there are problems.

The insert need not only to women who have small Breasts, they are so good, when the silhouette you want to rebuild. It is especially recommended for women with a figure of pear and Apple, when all the emphasis is shifting to wide hips or waist, and the chest drops out of sight.

Purchasing once quality silicone inserts push-up, you will be able to Shine at social events and in everyday life, feeling confident in any outfit. Ideally, you can buy one set of inserts, selecting for different types of bras for different clothes with different degree of lifting of the breast. For example, if you have a rather large silicone inserts, they may not be suitable for petite bra type brasier with an open upper area of the chest.

Remember that such insertion is primarily disguise and blend to create a perfect silhouette. There is nothing worse than a noticeable push-UPS, which are allocated under the bra, giving your clumsy attempts to come closer to the ideal.


Closer to the body

силиконовые вставки в бюстгальтерWhen buying silicone inserts the first thing to take into account their shape, which should perfectly suited to your natural data. If you bust a modest first size, do not buy large insertion in the hope to create the image of a retro diva fifties à La Sophia Loren. You risk looking ridiculous, and not attractive. Repelled from having only slightly increase the size and make Breasts splendor.

Inserts in the bra are available mainly in two forms, both of them ergonomic and fully serve the needs of one or the other breast. The first was shaped like an oval, pointed at both sides, yet it can be compared to a fish. Such insert is enclosed in the lower side part of the bra on the outside. With their help, breast lifts, breast become closer and is formed with a hollow, in which the tops with open cleavage looks very tempting. There are more oblong shape inserts resembling a banana. She also enclosed side and perfectly lifts and brings Breasts to each other.

силиконовые вставки в бюстгальтерAnother common form of silicone inserts looks a bit different. The very pillow resembles an equilateral triangle with rounded corners, and the lower part is the thickened part. It is not smooth, and shaped like a sleeping mask. These inserts are well suited for small Breasts, they should be used not as the previous one, and right. The thick part will be located at the bottom of the bra, filling him, at the same time pushing the chest up.

Silicone tabs of the first type can be used with open bras, because they are, in any case, with proper layering will not be visible. The second type is more extensive in area, and it is better to wear in the closed bras and with closed tops, once again not to risk the image. The upper part of such inserts simulates the breast, filling the void in the closed bra, outlining the correct breast shape under clothes.


Composition and term of service

силиконовые вставки в бюстгальтерSilicone inserts in the bra can be tight and liquid, transparent, beige and black, with a thin coating and adhesive basis. The most common moderately thick tabs, but there are also liquid gel, which are sacs filled with liquid silicone composition. Their advantage is that they felt more comfortable and there is no danger that they will be visible under the thin bra as dense. Their goal in this case is a closer imitation of the breast tissue.

All silicone inserts consist of silicone approximately 95-97%, the rest usually falls on the polyurethane. The silicone inserts have another advantage over cloth pads – they are easy to wash. Polyester push-UPS should be washed, so they wear out faster, while silicone tabs can only be wiped from time to time, and they will last a long time.



When buying silicone inserts in the bra try not to save. Cheap Chinese and other Asian models may contain toxic components. You don’t want such a dangerous neighborhood for your bust?

Good silicone insert produces brand Julimex, the world famous Italian fashion lingerie brand Intimissimi, German catalog Quelle. Looking for silicone inserts in the collections of respectable manufacturers of underwear, try to buy in “real” stores, where it is possible to check the quality of the product.

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