шелковые чулкиSilk stockings long considered an attribute of a beautiful life and were not available to ordinary women who had to be content with only trivial lycra. This accessory ladies bottom of the wardrobe has never been mandatory, but was especially desirable because of its rarity, and special aura of luxury, which is around him. Modern woman can not deprive yourself of this little weakness of silk stockings can be found in the premium brands with established «hosiery» reputation.


Silk road

Contrary to popular belief, silk stockings is not a tribute to fashion our days, when for the manufacture of items of daily use expensive high-quality materials. With them all happened just the opposite: long silk stockings could only wear members of the upper classes, and only now in stockings silk not unusual. It may not know women who have never paid attention stockings and tights of alternative fibers, whereas fashion historians are well aware of this fact. Silk stockings came to us from the Middle ages, having covered the way from a stay at the men’s feet to the mass penetration in women’s lockers.

Spinning of silk thread and its use in production of fabrics began in Ancient China. The Asian traditions over time, began to conquer the West, and to the thirteenth centenary in Europe began to wear stockings, previously not heard, and already in the middle of the sixteenth representatives of blue-blooded met with stockings of silk.

Important historical fact – silk stockings middle Ages strikingly differed from modern themes that were sewn, not woven. Knitting machine for stocking was invented much later, before stockings were sewn pieces of silk and other fabrics. Silk successfully co-existed near the velvet both everyday and festive clothes of noble gentlemen and accessories, such as stockings.


Royal Charter

Any stockings for a long time remained the belonging of a man’s wardrobe, but soon and women could appreciate the beauty of this luxurious accessory. By the middle of the sixteenth century, women had mastered the spinning of silk stockings. In 1556, Queen Elizabeth I received as a Christmas gift, black silk stockings. She was so fascinated by them, which stated that she would not exchange them more than any other.

But all this time, of silk stockings remained the privilege of the upper classes, and of course, the poor they were unavailable. In 1589 was invented the first spinning machine on which you can knit stockings, and then many women could wear these accessories, of course, not silk, and affordable and practical materials. You cannot say about gradual decrease in the popularity of silk stockings, but they have a worthy opponent, leaving for silk more proper place for balls, celebrations, receptions.


High competition

A new round of popularity of silk stockings made in the first half of the twentieth century. At the end of the previous century, learned to create artificial fibers, including silk, and by 1910 women could put her feet in beautiful stockings artificial silk, which cost twice less, than natural. In 1938, DuPont presented nylon stockings, which made a splash and pushed silk into the background. With the onset of the war on silk stockings, even artificial, was a dream – women wore stockings and tights of cheap synthetic materials, put on the legs so-called «liquid» silk, and drew back pencil, imitating the seam from these stockings. And then passion silk died down, the era of nylon, nylon, spandex, which replaced the silk stockings on the fringes of fashion and style.


Attribute of luxury

Currently this accessory still remains attribute of the wardrobe of a class «Lux». First, silk stockings are not cheap, secondly, they cannot be bought in any store underwear. Look for them in the assortment of such brands as Cervin or Wolford – brands with history which guarantee the highest quality. There stockings with inclusion in structure of silk thread with the indispensable presence lycra to ensure stretching and comfort of wearing, but there stockings 100% silk. Stockings silk are simple, smooth and shining with minimalist Matt wide dense rubber band and playful, with contrasting patterns and lace garter, which is usually worn in combination with the belt. These accessories, of course, not intended for every day, they must wear gently, but the sense of their time on their feet absolutely remarkable.

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