The beauty of a woman is the sum of its internal state and the external appearance. And if mental attitude change is not so easy to learn how to care for your body is capable of any woman. The most notable areas that always pay attention surrounding, always have been and always will be the face and hands. Beautiful hands require a minimum quality of care than thin skin.
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Numerous recipes that are full of articles fashion magazines offer so many tips, it is difficult to choose any of them. Moreover, exotic and expensive products for your home SPA, like camel milk or juice shellfish, and capital to produce not so easy, what is there to talk about remote parts of the country. Easy to buy metal doors in Tver, but to get the sprouts Japanese bamboo is just not possible.
Простой и доступный уход за руками2
If traditional recipes with chamomile and mint are already tired, there are a few simple ways to bring variety in your daily hand care. Sea salt dissolved in the bath water, strengthens the nail plate and prepares the cuticle to the most simple and high-quality to remove it. Scrub of salt and dried and finely chopped tangerine peel with essential oils will soften rough skin on the elbows, making the formed wrinkles less noticeable already after one or two sessions.
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To ensure that the skin retains elasticity and beauty, one cleansing is not enough. Hydration is the second most important component in the struggle for a healthy look. Self-made based cream softened beeswax can be applied to all areas of the body that requires special care, it is enough to add essential oils to any liquid and concentration.
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Maintaining youthful hands requires regular work, but the effect this creates an attractive young woman is worth it.

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