Beautiful well-groomed feet, it’s hard work for every woman. Since a lot of time to spend on his feet, often in high heels, or open shoes, after which the skin becomes coarse, cracks appear on heels, legs lose their attractive appearance, respectively, and the nails, even if they are beautifully painted, look not very impressive.
Простые рекомендации по выполнению педикюра2
Masks made at home, scrubs, cosmetics miracle basket and proper, timely care will help to support female legs in perfect condition. Begin pedicure, you start with foot bath. Moreover, such a simple tool that can virtually fully replace salon SPA treatments. If you know what to choose ingredients for baths, you can:

- remove swollen feet – essential oils of mint, cedar, dry leaves of rosemary;
– get rid of fatigue – oil pine, rosemary, mint;
– disinfect, soothe inflammation – camomile, pine;
– get rid sweating – oak bark, wormwood, leaves of mountain ash;
– toning – lemon oil, orange, mint, ground coffee and salt.
Простые рекомендации по выполнению педикюра3
Well RASPAIL feet, you pumice to clean well feet from rough skin. Enhance the effect, you can use a scrub, a great alternative means are sea salt and freshly ground coffee. Very useful procedure for legs is a massage, after which you must do exfoliating or nourishing mask. Peeled legs to humidify a nourishing cream and you can begin processing your nails and cuticles that you want to move, and in any case not be cut, because it can lead to inflammation. Crop and podpisov nails, it is important to disinfect their hydrogen peroxide, and then coat them nutritious oil, which will help to strengthen them and to give a healthy Shine.

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