уход за кожейYou wanted to find out about the latest trends in skin care? Review the list prepared by the specialists of this field.


Phased skin care

поэтапный уход за кожейDespite the large number of funds on skin care products with multifunctional formulas, we more time we devote to beauty rituals, as use a lot of cosmetics. For example, the application of essences and oils to cleansed face, then a moisturizer that gives the impression that you just visited a cosmetologist. Are you ready to care for your skin in stages?


Multifunctional mask

многофункциональная маскаThe time when we used the complete series of any one brand to eliminate certain skin problems, is long gone. In recent years, people increasingly began to use many different tools to meet specific needs of their skin. The best example is multi-functional mask, which provides simultaneous deposition on the face several masks at once.


Care for your skin in order

средства по уходу за кожей на заказSome companies, such as Geneu and SkinShift, has started the production of cosmetics to order, using DNA tests to create the perfect combinations of its own series. For those who wish to purchase the product on the order, some boutiques offer customers tools designed depending on the characteristic needs of their skin.


Light moisturizer

легкие увлажняющие средстваDense and thick cream will soon disappear, they will be replaced by lightweight means to care for skin. More and more often now on the shelves began to appear cream-gels, essences, emulsions.


Micro-and nanoparticles: safe technology?

микро и наночастицы: безопасная технологияEveryone knows that even the best funds will go to the dump if nobody likes to use them. It is very important to find a middle ground between efficiency and special sensual formula. At present scientists are inclined to microencapsulation and nanoparticles, allowing them to maintain their active principle, facilitating penetration into the skin cells. The result: a sunscreen is lighter and silkier than before. Scientists promise that in a few years they will be able to use this technology and in the production of other cosmetic products for skin care.


No such simple means of purification

средства для очищения кожиIn the era of wonderful tools 10 in 1, category simple means for cleansing the skin is on the verge of extinction. Cleansing of the skin, according to consumers, the main stage of skin care. Therefore, the work of scientists focused on research and development of detergents that will improve the effectiveness of other cosmetics.


The choice of the marine and natural components

выбор морских и натуральных компонентовThere is no doubt that means with natural components, and it is from the depths of the sea, continue to enjoy special demand. The active components of brown, red, and even a small single-celled algae known for its useful chemical extracts.


Ecological formulas skin care

экологические формулы по уходу за кожейCompanies producing cosmetics are now more carefully refers to the selection of components, considering their origins and impact on the environment. The company will now focus on the use of components derived from renewable sources and made from environmentally friendly formulas.


The impact of cosmetics on the environment

воздействие косметических средств на окружающую средуAccording to experts, companies producing cosmetics have more faithfully to relate to the environmental sustainability of their products, starting from the moment of production till the packaging of products, including the process of transportation.

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