уход за кожей ребёнкаIt seems that the baby’s skin is just perfect, it is soft, gentle, and has a unique flavor. In fact, most mothers face dryness, peeling, increased sensitivity or a change in the pigment of the skin in children. Hence the importance of timely and proper care of baby’s skin.

Leather kids covered with nice lines and a protective layer in the form of the original grease is removed by natural means about a week after birth. The remains of the original grease is not necessary to specifically remove with sponges, creams, lotions or brushes. The Golden rule of skin care little baby is this: the less, the better.


Bathing babies

We adults take a shower every day, but for the newborn daily washing is not mandatory. Experts agree that two or three baths a week is quite enough in this area diapers should be cleaned as often as the situation requires. Too frequent bathing, dry your baby’s skin, depriving it of the natural lubrication that protects baby from skin irritations and infections. Dry baby’s skin becomes more vulnerable to all kinds of allergens, which in turn can cause diseases such as eczema.


Select “detergents”

Adult shampoos and shower gels cannot be used for bathing children. Today for sale is easy to find special baby care cosmetics for skin care of the kids, including toddlers. Try to choose products with minimal, and preferably no fragrances, alcohols and other ingredients that are potentially unsafe for delicate baby skin. Good baby soap foams worse than usual for us soap, and this is quite normal. In order to wash the child a small amount of foam is enough.


No powders!

It seems that the powder is exclusively a children’s remedy skin care, powder is almost all sets for newborns, but experts recommend not to get involved in this kind of means. When inhaling, the fine particles of powder fall into the lungs of the child, and this can be unsafe. If no powder can not do, before you apply the powder on the baby’s skin, take a small amount of powder in the palm of your hand, Pat to remove excess powder, and then apply a thin layer of powder where you want. All manipulations try to carry out as far as possible from the child. It is best to just wet all the folds on the baby’s skin clean, dry towel.


The hydration it needs

When you are prone to dry skin sufficient and timely moisture – the key to soft and healthy skin. Necessarily apply moisturizing lotion on baby’s skin after bathing. If necessary, lubricate the skin moisturizer regardless graphics bathing. Moisturizer really does not add moisture, but keep the one that is already in the skin cells. Monitor the level of humidity in the nursery, to control the level of humidity is a good idea to purchase a humidifier.


Caution – the sun!

At present there are no special sunscreen for kids. For children any means PhotoFiltre it is not recommended to use up to six months. In any case, children should not be subjected to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, if there is a situation in which avoid this is not possible, it is better to coat the skin with a thin layer of sunscreen, than to leave it as is.


Dry folds

Of course, the baby’s skin should be moist, but at the same time need to ensure that the folds of the body was not going to excess moisture. The skin in these areas is very thin and sensitive, and it is in these places often have irritation and rashes. Special attention should be paid to the folds in the neck, especially if the child often spit up and let salivating. Definitely feed your baby in a bib after feeding, wipe gently with all the folds and dimples. Typically, a small rash in these areas quickly heals itself, but in some cases reddish rash may be a sign of a Candida infection. In such cases you should contact the pediatrician.

All the small rash on the skin of the newborn case is quite common, it often disappears as suddenly as it appears. It is best when small rash to go to the doctor, the better you understand the essence of the problem, the faster you will cope with its consequences. Bubble rash, excessive redness, pustules are often symptoms of infectious contamination. This state of Affairs, especially in the presence of fever and high temperature requires immediate professional advice.


Diaper rash

Almost every kid as well as his mother, faced with the problem of diaper rash. In principle, nothing serious in it, diaper rash quickly pass with proper care. However, intertrigo intertrigo discord and often it is associated with a fungal infection. In such cases, the usual baby cream and powder not do, to treat this infection should special drugs that prescribed by the doctor. Diapers is a very useful thing, but to constantly wear them not very useful. Let the baby’s skin to breathe, and if you can leave your baby without a diaper for some time, it is necessary to use it.

With diaper rash in babies can be overcome by using simple natural remedies. For example, unrefined coconut oil successfully replace even the most expensive baby cream. The fact that coconut oil has excellent antibacterial and antifungal properties. To eliminate diaper rash, you can apply diluted Apple cider vinegar. Prepare a solution of a teaspoon of vinegar diluted in half a Cup of boiled water and wipe designated diaper rash. When severe diaper rash vinegar may cause additional irritation, so in such cases it is better to use soft baby creams or special ointments.



Birthmarks on the skin of the baby is completely normal and harmless phenomenon, but in any changes shape or color spots should consult a specialist. Special attention should be paid to any specks of reddish or pink, sometimes what mother can take over the birthmark, can be angioma, but the final diagnosis in any case, should establish a specialist.


Brown on the head

Most newborns on the head is thin crust, kids with thick hair cover it is almost imperceptible, but those who are not fortunate enough to be born with a thick head of hair, crust immediately catches the eye. Nothing wrong with that, the presence of such a crust is quite natural, but for aesthetic reasons moms are trying to get rid of it as soon as possible. Remove the crust and stop its further appearance can be a simple way: when bathing the baby, grease the cylinder, coconut oil, and a soft baby brush sweep the hair soft circular motions. Then wash the child’s head mild baby shampoo.

After bathing also RUB a small amount of coconut oil into the scalp in places where the crust. Despite the fact that the baby’s head becomes oily and shiny, leave the oil on overnight and in the morning again wash the child’s head in a neutral shampoo. If the crust for a long time does not go away, repeat this procedure after each bath.

Kids are very important to feel the love and care of the mother and all family members. Even such routine procedures as changing diapers and lubrication of diaper rash can be turned into an exchange of positive emotions.

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