смягчение кожиSkin softening is a procedure that requires regularity, but at the same time, sometimes it is needed as an “ambulance”. Cracked heel skin or hands with painful sores are not only unsightly, but also in everyday life to perform routine cases. If your skin is prone to dryness, you probably suffer from excessive its manifestations in different parts of the body, and in the cold season the negative effects are only amplified. To eliminate the aggressiveness of the environment, you should always have at hand the tools for fast and efficient recovery of the skin’s softening and regeneration.


Skin softening – General rules

To soften the skin preferably after taking a bath or shower. At this time, the epidermis is still saturated with water, applying cosmetics is easier, it is absorbed more efficiently, and at the same time have the ability to “lock” the liquid inside, not allowing the skin to peresushivaya some time. Surely you have noticed that the cream absorbs into the skin better and faster, and the skin remains soft and moisturized after it is still wet after water treatment, but not when you apply the cream directly on the cracked area.

What to use is a cream, ointment, lotion, liquid depends on your own convenience, from the severity of the problems.

For example, if you need to soften the skin of the knees, you can do slight cosmetic lotion. If you strongly peel heel, in addition, on the skin are painful cracks, surface tool can not do, it is better to apply the ointment with a high concentration of healing components or a good cream to soften the skin.


Liquid to soften the skin

смягчение кожиIn pharmacies you can find liquid to soften hands, produced in a simple bubbles and at very low prices. The most famous liquid, Dermatan, is a pharmacological solution topical use, which has soothing and antiseptic action. Part of Dermatan includes purified water, glycerin, ethanol and ammonia solution.

Glycerin to soften skin is used in many pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations along with vaseline. These are common tools that will not interfere in your medicine chest, because soften the skin very quickly and efficiently. Don’t moisturize, and soften it – this is important. You should not give these substances properties, which they do not possess, but to underestimate them is not necessary.

Liquid for softening hands need to be applied separately, without mixing with other external agents. Contraindications to the use are allergic reactions, intolerance, ulcerative, and pustular skin lesions at the site of the proposed treatment, as well as violations of the integrity of the open wounds. As the fluid on the basis of ethyl alcohol and has ammonia in the composition, not getting on the mucous membranes.


Bath to soften the skin

Using trays, you can make the skin full Spa treatment at home. You need to find the optimal composition, which is suitable for all skin types, does not contradict the nature of dryness (for example, without the acid component in the presence of cracks) and like you personally.

Oil to soften the skin suits for home trays.

The best choice would be olive oil, which is perfectly combined with a dairy base. For softening baths use fat milk, and vegetable more suited coconut, widely used in cosmetology. Milk bath is a bit of heat, then add a couple of tablespoons of oil and to withstand the hands of 10-15 minutes. Then it is necessary to wet the skin with a clean towel and apply a nourishing cream. If the skin severely dry, you can RUB it with oil and milk composition, leaving him to work under the rubber gloves.


Skin softening stop

смягчение кожиThe skin of the feet need regular mitigation for all, and in the cold season and in severe dryness of the entire skin of the body, the need for deep softening increases. Any creams or ointments on foot it is better to apply after steaming the skin in the bathroom and remove dead skin particles and dirt. Therefore, pre-make the usual steaming foot, remove the pumice stone or an abrasive blade of dead skin, concentrating on heels, drain it, and then apply the cream or ointment to soften the skin.

Consider the following tools to stop:

  • Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream;
  • Avon Foot Works;
  • Oriflame Feet Up;
  • Elea Foot Care;
  • Scholl Hard Skin;
  • Ahava Mineral Foot Cream;
  • HerbOlive Olive and Aloe Foot Cream;
  • Gehwol Soft Feet;
  • Eucerin Inensive Repair;
  • Seacret Select Foot Cream;
  • Baviphat Soft Foot & Heel Deo Cream.

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