отбеливание кожиMany women are dreaming of a flawless and white skin. We test a wide variety of tools from high-end expensive creams is quite doubtful to the people’s recipes, carrying out the whitening by yourself. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of an ideal skin color, not all women think about how safe all these creams, masks, lotions and so on.

Regardless of whether you use any beauty products for skin whitening or not, we should not forget about the negative impact on the skin to sunlight. The ultraviolet radiation of any type stimulates the skin’s production of melanin, the substance that gives skin darker color. If you don’t want on your skin appear spots or its color became darker, before going out apply sunscreen. In addition, it is also recommended to wear hats with a wide brim, wear long sleeve and sunglasses.

Skin lightening can be performed by using the finished cosmetic products, procedures and drugs.


Whitening pills

There are a number of drugs, allowing you to lighten the skin, and these tools can apply even people with genetically determined dark skin. One of the most popular funds in this segment are drugs with glutathione.

Before you purchase and start taking these drugs should carefully study the drug to verify that the components included in the formula of bleaching pills, safe for health. Even if someone highly recommends a particular facility, consult the specialist.

Preparations for bleaching the skin may be accompanied by some side effects, and this should know. Among the possible negative effects of such tools the most common are the following States:

  • Allergic reactions: sometimes the Allergy is manifested as swelling or skin inflammation.
  • Depending on the individual characteristics of the organism such preparations can provoke nausea, insomnia, headaches and vomiting, especially on long-term administration of such funds.
  • Some drugs for skin lightening suggest a higher dose, which in turn can adversely affect the liver.

In the majority of bleaching products, including tablets, is hydroquinone safe which scientists have some doubts.


Whitening soap

Different types of soap are characterized by the presence of those or other active components. Choosing bleaching soap, read the reviews of those who have already used this product, choose a soft soap with mild formula, it is desirable that the soap consisted of such ingredients as kojic acid, papaya or glutathione.


Bleaching creams

Whitening cream helps millions of women to achieve the desired skin tone. When buying this cream, as well as with any bleaching agent, the better to give preference to the most natural composition. If you want to find an effective whitening cream, find in its composition such ingredients as kojic or glycolic acid, alpha gidromolot, vitamin C or arbutin.

Try to avoid bleaches containing aggressive chemicals, in particular mercury. If after using the cream or any other bleaching product you notice skin irritation or any other negative reaction, stop using this tool.

Unfortunately, many bleaching creams contain higher amounts of steroid components, in minimal doses, these ingredients are quite harmless, but often incorrect dosage leads to the appearance of side effects. May be redness and irritation. Uneven tone and unwanted color changes, thinning of the skin, which in turn increases the risk of skin cancer.


Chemical peel for whitening skin

Those who creams and Soaps did not bring the desired result, resort to the procedure of chemical peeling. Chemical peeling involves applying to the skin a special solution. The influence of substances like alpha gidromolot leads to exfoliate the top layer of cells, revealing brighter skin.

Chemical peeling is quite an effective procedure, but it has its drawbacks and side effects. Substances used in chemical peels can cause irritation, inflammation and swelling of the skin. After this procedure is strongly not recommended to be in the sun.


Microdermabrasion for whitening skin

This modern salon treatment allows you to whiten even sensitive skin. Like chemical peeling, dermabrasion aimed at the removal of the top layer of skin cells, but it uses a special electrical tool, and not a chemical solution.

A session of microdermabrasion takes no more than five minutes, for maximum results, beauticians recommend to take a course of several treatments. In some cases, microdermabrasion triggers the redness and excessive dryness of the skin, but these symptoms disappear faster than when using other methods of whitening.


Home remedies for skin whitening

Home remedies for skin whitening perhaps not as effective as chemical or mechanical action, but they are perfectly safe.

  • Apply on face the mixture of lemon, milk and yogurt, leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes, then rinse. Continue to do the mask, until you notice changes in skin color.
  • Mix cucumber juice and lemon juice, apply the mixture to skin and leave overnight. In the morning rinse with plenty of water for skin lightening need to make a course of such masks. All bleaching masks should be done regularly to achieve the desired result.
  • Heat a small amount of honey, then allow to cool, apply honey on the face and after 30 minutes rinse.
  • For whitening skin you can use cut in half fresh tomato, which can be alternated with slices of raw potato.
  • Mix in equal proportions turmeric, olive oil and chickpea flour. Stir to a paste, apply the mask on face and after 20 minutes rinse with water.
  • The aloe Vera juice can also be used for skin whitening. Apart from the whitening properties, aloe Vera has excellent moisturizing and antiseptic effect.


Licorice for skin

Licorice is used in the treatment and prevention of different skin problems, particularly psoriasis, eczema and so on. Of licorice can prepare a decoction or infusion and then add it to different whitening mask:

  • The licorice root extract – a few drops
  • Lemon juice – 1 tablespoon
  • Paste of sandalwood – 1 tablespoon
  • Tomato juice – 1 tablespoon
  • 1 small cucumber

Grind in a blender the cucumber, add the licorice extract, fresh lemon juice, sandalwood paste and tomato juice.

All mix and apply to face and neck for 20-30 minutes until the mask has completely dried. Then rinse with water. This mask is recommended to do two to three times a week.


Orange for skin whitening

  • Orange juice – 2 tablespoons
  • Ground turmeric – 1/2 teaspoon

Place the ingredients in a small container, mix well until a homogeneous paste and apply the mixture on the face, neck, hands and feet and leave the mask on overnight. In the morning rinse with water. For maximum results, this mask is recommended to do every day.

Second option: this mask lightens dark spots, and with regular use helps to significantly brighten the skin.

To prepare this mask you will need:

  • Orange zest
  • Yogurt – 1 tablespoon

Dry lemon zest (do not dry the orange in the sun). Dried peel grind in coffee grinder to a talc-like state. Tablespoon of the resulting powder mix with natural yoghurt. Brought to smooth the mask, apply to face and neck. After 20-30 minutes rinse with water. This mask is recommended to do 2-3 times a week.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that the result of whitening largely depends on the natural tone of the skin, so avoid disappointment and turmoil lightening skin tone it is better to start with safe home methods.

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