юбка брюки для полныхSkirt-trousers for women is the salvation of a fashionable image. While many other types of skirts or trousers become trivial beaten solution for creating casual looks, skirt-pants not only hides some of the flaws in its different parts, but also gives the image of freshness and novelty. Skirt-pants are back on the fashion catwalks to reassert its power as a piece of clothing necessary for women of all sizes. Including to owners of magnificent forms.


Benefits divided skirts for the fuller figure

It is difficult to imagine a more suitable clothing for fuller than the skirt-pants. This garment a lot of advantages, which are notable for girls category of plus size. Thanks to them, young women with full hips or protruding abdomen not risk looking hyperonymy and dimensionless, which often occurs when choosing dresses, classic pants or skirts, appropriate in size.

Skirt-pants hiding full hips and buttocks, and thanks to its spacious classic cut pants does not allow to focus on the fullness of the feet and calves. Like any other skirt, this model can be made as of the dense tissue and flowing from the lungs that allows you to enter the skirt-pants in the closet as part of different styles and sets of clothes – both business casual and relaxed.


Skirt-pants made of thick material

The culottes made of thick fabric, will be a great part of the business image. These skirts conceal loose hips, making the style more strict. Wearing rigid skirt-pants with mens shirts or feminine blouses with decoration on the neck, classic jeans or tops with V-neck or crew neck.

In any case, tight business skirt-pants need shoes heels pumps on sustainable heels or elegant wedges would be perfect for this image.

For office style skirt-pants can be a full replacement for the pencil skirt. It is more convenient, and femininity is not inferior to her.


Skirt-pants made from light, flowing material

Summer is not the time for warm dense tissue, and a reason to wear clothing that follows the movements of the body, easily fluttering when walking. Skirt-pants fabrics, fine chiffon and fine knitwear, very popular fashion solution on different occasions.

For women this place is that it is easy and pleasant to adapt to different types of uppers.

Moreover, skirt-pants length about knee of thin translucent material in the summer is definitely good as a replacement for conventional chiffon skirts in windy weather. There is no risk that the wind will scatter floors skirt, revealing something that should be hidden.

A stylish solution for the summer can be a chiffon skirt-pants length MIDI – to mid-calf or just below. Black skirt-pants will become a worthy alternative to the classic pants or skirts in hot weather for the office. To combine this item with virtually any bottom, but if you choose the jacket, it should not be too tight and strict. If you are full of eggs, avoid wearing skirts-pants to mid calf or niveliruya effect of completeness boots knee in cold weather.

Pleated skirt-pants full length in appearance is almost indistinguishable from a normal skirt. Full women in the choice of that model should pay attention to the waist line, which should encircle the abdomen gently, especially if the shape type “Apple”. In this area nothing should boriti, refrain from high waistlines and excessive draperies, which skirt-pants with pleated must begin from about the hips, leaving the sides in the arms of a tight wide belt.

This style is perfect for summer. To wear a skirt-pants women with a full figure, with a simple t-shirts not below mid-thigh or above the lower abdomen. One of the best choices of top, suitable for masking excess weight, will be top-blouse smell. This blouse is not only visually conceals excess weight, but also looks great on women with large Breasts. Coupled with lush thighs combination divided skirts with a blouse with a smell with three-quarter sleeves is ideal and versatile option for all occasions.


Moderation in width

Skirt-pants plus size does not have to be very wide. Trousers for women can be a little more pronounced, similar to pants-pipes. In any case, the features of the cut should be adjusted according to the body type.

If your weight is concentrated in the hips, you have a magnificent wide buttocks and you are not tall, but his shoulders more elegant, you can wear the skirt-pants shortened type, to mid-calf or just below the knee, if the legs allow. Not worth the heavy bottom to wear a skirt-pants from the floor with voluminous draperies and decorative items.

Shoes with a skirt-trousers for overweight women should be on the heel.

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