юбка с баской 2014 Runway MikaelaBaska appears on dresses, jackets and even pants and overalls, but it is for a skirt this item is considered canonical. A few seasons ago, she broke into the fashion world, suddenly became the overarching trend, against which it is impossible to resist. Skirt with peplum 2014 continues to demonstrate the diversity of this trend, which is his first big fashion way was not, being nothing more than restrained fabric padding.

Recent trends 2014 surprise unimaginable forms that can take the skirt with peplum. Perhaps this is the year you decide for the first time to try.


Business style – pencil skirt with peplum

Skirt with peplum with each new season all the more firmly rooted in the business of fashion. This is not surprising, because women who spend day after day in the office with a formal dress code, often dream about the details can decorate their image, making it more feminine, romantic, but not going delineated boundaries.

Straight skirt with peplum knee or just below the black or gray color with a slight peplum combined with classic white shirts and silk or satin blouses.

юбка с баской 2014 Max Azria

Max Azria

юбка с баской 2014 Patrizia Pepe

Patrizia Pepe

When selecting things for your business wardrobe, you need to ensure that the upper part is not blocked by the degree of expressiveness Basco. Blouses must be sufficiently concise, without draperies, bows, ties. If you do not wish to be limited to conventional hard shirt, choose a model with jewelry appliqué on the collar or can wear a stylish necklace on top laconic shirt. A bold choice for business style is a lace skirt or a model with a peplum chiffon. This skirt combines only with a very concise shirts, not allowing the set to go into vulgarity in cabaret style.


New design peplum – updated style skirt

We used to see Basco approximately the same designer embodiment. Typically, it represents a fabric overlay at the waist, which can be three-dimensional and “worrying”and laconic, almost imperceptible. In 2014 the attention of women attracts Basque in the form in which we have never seen and could not imagine. With this peplum can not only change the style of the skirt, made originally in a minimalist design, but also completely change your image. This trend will certainly appeal to young girls, who lack the traditional peplum.

The Basque can be a second layer for the skirt, following the well-trodden path of trend hi-lo, combining shorter in front with a long Daisy chain part of the skirt or dress. The Basque can be hard, divergent, and that is very practical, removable. This approach manufacturers skirts with Basques allows women not to limit yourself and experiment with different forms. For example, gaining popularity volumetric asymmetric Baska, which can be “embedded” in the skirt, and to be removable, as shown in Runway Mikaela.

юбка с баской 2014 Waiting All Night

Waiting All Night

юбка с баской 2014 Emanuel Ungaro

Emanuel Ungaro

Brand Waiting All Night transformed Basco beyond recognition, proposing instead a familiar small insert full overlay with lace detailing. Models of this type will appreciate young girls, as even a simple silhouette and black, this skirt with a peplum looks incredibly stylish and informal.

Brands that represent fashion pret-a-porter, always ready to offer something more than the established traditions. So in 2014 in the Emanuel Ungaro collection appeared interesting model skirt with peplum in the original architectural style. Gourmet novelty model adds an inflated waistline is decorated with buttons and excessive strictness eliminates horoscopy print.


Summer skirt with a peplum – print, color, texture

Skirt with peplum – this is not only a matter of business style, she is able to create beautiful combinations with light summer tops in white or other monochromatic light variants of t-shirts, t-shirts, Longsleeves and Swissotel. An increasing number of designers are drawn to the images of the lungs playful romantic skirts with bright prints, floral patterns, with steep pleating and shortened to ultramini length.

What to choose to get into the scope of this overall trend? If you want to boast beautiful long legs with a slim thighs and no belly, choose, without hesitation, lush skirt pleated in which Basque is as voluminous as the skirt. If you’re going to a trendy party, a good choice will be the skirt with peplum from shining fabric, print which resonates with a bright top. Fans of Bohemian chic, try a long MIDI skirt with accordion pleats and contrasting solid peplum, which certainly need to be combined with the top opening of the stomach.

Any skirt with peplum and pattern requires a delicate design of the upper zone, which should not be pretentious in the sense of design.

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