юбка для полных“Office” pencil skirts and Flirty-skirt-sun, daring skirt-mini and stylish skirts-Maxi, strict skirt-line and trend Tulip skirt – variety of models and variations of skirts is huge and the selection is surprisingly wide. However, in the case of clothes of the big sizes it is, unfortunately, not so – not all models of skirts fit women with so-called problematic figure.



Size is the most important of all factors that must be considered when choosing a skirt, however, and other types of clothing. Overweight women are often tempted to buy a skirt for a size smaller or a couple sizes larger, but neither gives harmony.

Skirts’t look bad even on women who have no extra pounds.

If you are overweight, too narrow skirt will accentuate all the folds, lush roundness and possibly underwear; very loose skirt is a clear indication that the woman hesitates own figures, besides, it looks pretty sloppy. So before you choose a skirt, measure your waist and hips, especially if in the last few months your weight decreased or increased by a few pounds.

Hips are measured at the widest point; it does not need to try to pull measuring tape – this deception will lead to the fact that you will buy the skirt, in which it will be impossible to move freely. For the same reason, in any case not draw the belly, measuring waist circumference.



Length is probably the second most important factor to consider when buying skirts, so its optimal length is better to pick a house, not a shop where you can distract other people.

Skirt, like any other clothes of the big sizes, should not draw attention to problematic areas of the body, but, on the contrary, should mask them.

And if radically short mini-skirt ends already at the hips, it is, perhaps, the easiest way to attract attention. For the same reason, are not suitable for owners of magnificent forms and skirt length to mid-calf.

юбка для полныхюбка для полныхюбка для полных

Look closely at the many photos from the red carpet: Hollywood divas who can not boast of a “model” figure, often choose dress and skirt length just above the knee and must stand on high heels to look a little slimmer and taller.

The main red-haired Busty beauty Christina Hendricks prefers slightly flared skirts above the knee, the former “ugly Betty’s” America Ferrera bit more seductive tight hip skirt, Jennifer Hudson, on the contrary – skirts just below the knee. But it is almost impossible to think of celebrities who would willingly agreed to wear their extra pounds causes mini.

    • Wear shoes you usually wear skirts, grab a large piece of cloth, and stand in front of a mirror where you can see yourself in full growth. Lowering and lifting the fabric, determine skirts what length is best for you and which only highlight the flaws.
    • Versatile, suitable both slim and full women skirt is knee length, plus/minus five centimeters. These skirts do not hide merits and not emphasize shortcomings, in addition, they are suitable for both the office or for going to the movies, the theatre, or to a party.
  • Skirt length to mid-calf will not approach a woman with a full calf (part of the body, where is the line hem, automatically attracts attention). However, some women a large part of the extra pounds is distributed over the upper body and hips, and calves remain relatively thin and slim, and if you are one of them, feel free to wear skirts of this length.
  • Skirt length to the ankle or just above, in General, fit women, but visually shorten the leg, so they are really only good for those whom nature has endowed with long legs.
  • Wide skirts-Maxi look best on tall women (almost regardless of weight). Women small and even medium height they often look squat. But Maxi straight cut or a-line, perfect size, will look good on full woman of any height.



The main thing when choosing the right cut is to find a balance between tight and too curvy models. Perfect for owners of large sizes – skirt, slightly flared from the hip, with the so-called And-neck silhouette: it will hide heavy hips, but this skirt is as comfortable as possible.

юбка для полныхюбка для полныхюбка для полных

Very nice looking and quite fluffy skirt – it’s worth remembering popular singer Adele, which in the lush, barely covering the knees skirts proudly appears on the red carpet.

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