Well-groomed and neat woman causes a positive impression at the first meeting. No wonder they say that it is hands gives female age. Care of hands and feet should not take the last step, which is always not enough time. The beauty of the hands is as important as a well-groomed face and hair. Not everyone has enough Finance to regularly visit beauty treatments. In home care for hands and feet can not be worse, knowing a few secrets.
Небольшие советы помогут в уходе за кожей рук и ног3
Hand wash is recommended only in warm water, using a moisturizing soap, gels. A good moisturizer is a natural soap made with natural oils, waxes and other natural components. Handmade soap buy in specialized stores, it is not only qualitative, but also very beautiful in design.

Before cleaning the house, washing dishes and washing take care of hands and wear rubber gloves. All cleaning chemicals are bad for the skin of the hands. Any contact with water, wipe hands dry. The humidity of the hands from the water can cause burrs.

Cosmetics help to keep the skin in good shape. Use moisturizing creams. Baths and compresses pick depending on your problem on your hands. Pokerhost requires intensive moisture and excessive sweating of the hands of the treated trays with a drying effect. All personal!

When caring for the skin of the feet, use exfoliating scrubs and moisturizers. After taking a bath or shower regularly apply the cream on the feet in order to avoid zagrobelny on the heels and other parts of the foot. If coarsening appeared, use of grinding the nail file to remove dead skin.
Небольшие советы помогут в уходе за кожей рук и ног2
If the heel is strong and quickly become callous, in consequence, they can crack. Foot care should be timely. Different baths and moisturizers will help to avoid dried-out skin.

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