The creators of Agent was the initial goal to raise $100 000. However, their project turned out to be a blockbuster and in the end they collected more than $1 million. The initial amount of $100 000 was collected for some 11 hours after the start of the project on Kickstarter. Money to develop gave 5 thousand 685 people, each of which has the opportunity to buy a luxury watch in online store This meant that project.

Watch Agent is:

- Support the Bluetooth 4.0 profile of energy conservation.

- Support for all current versions of the mobile operating system Windows Phone 8, iOS, Android 2.3 and above.

- 1.28’ display from Sharp. It combined LCD and E-Ink that gives a quick update of pictures and good visibility in the sun. Display – energy-saving.

- Two processors, which are responsible for certain functions. One ineffective for the conservation of energy. The second “more powerful” Cortex-M4, 120 MHz, to handle “heavy” data. In the “smart hours” working time is seven days. In the normal display hours charging is needed only once a month;

Charge the watch wirelessly. It is Qi standard, so any compatible battery charger.

- Two-level system recovery. This allows the firmware update to avoid problems. That is, the “brick” you won’t get if things don’t go according to plan. The system will restore the latest firmware.

- Writing programs in programming languages C # and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.

Will also support Objective-C and Java-programs for smartphones. The watch will also have a vibration motor, accelerometer and ambient light sensor. Software “stuffing” is quite interesting: updating the weather, monitoring of heart rate and pedometer. You can control the music player in smartphones via Bluetooth, the Cyrillic alphabet will be supported out of the box. Will the mobile version of the site with the applications first free. Will be able to download them directly from the computer. Will also support all the popular social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How this device would be useful, what tasks he will be able to perform in daily life, time will tell. Its standard price of $199.

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