дымчатые глазаMakeup is the best way to look attractive under any circumstances regardless of location and time. Makeup technique of smoky eyes, better known as Smokey eyes, quite popular in recent times. Smoky eyes are perfect for parties and various events. This technique takes practice, but it is quite easy to implement, if you follow certain rules.


Each color of your smoky eye makeup

First of all, pay attention to the color and shape of their eyes. Girls with brown eyes for smoky makeup perfect blue and purple tones, while blue eyes should stay on grey, brown and blue tones that accentuate the depth of the eyes.

Girls with hazelnut eye color you can use black, gray, brown, and khaki. For very rare purple eyes good black, grey, dark green, brown, copper shade, even shade of khaki. You can also combine colors, it will make your eyes more expressive and emphasize their natural beauty.


Smoky makeup for certain eye shapes

You dream about eyes like a cat, and you they are actually round? In this case, extend the eyeliner slightly held the arrow. But the girls with almond shape of the eye, it is recommended that the line closer to the natural contours of the eye to make them more rounded. If in doubt when choosing a color, you can do a trial makeup. So you decide which color is better not to use. If you do not like any options, we will focus on basic colors, black or brown.

Don’t forget about the eyebrows. Well-groomed and well defined eyebrows open the face and give it a beautiful and well-groomed appearance, even without makeup.


Applying smoky eyes

To perform smoky eyes, apply concealer or Foundation on the area of dark circles under the eyes and on upper lids. Instead of concealer, you can use compact powder. Then apply a little translucent powder on the lower eyelid down to the cheek. When you apply eye shadow, they can crumble, so thanks to the powder, it will be much easier to get rid of excess make up, it will be enough merely to wipe them swab.

To guide the eye, it is better to use black or brown pencil. The line should not be too wide, try to hold it as close to the lash line. Can draw a line on the lower eyelid and even on the mucous century. If you have small eyes, the streak should reach the middle of the upper eyelid from the outside. Conversely, if you have big eyes, better to spend a full line around the eyes. Lightly blend the pencil using a small applicator or brush.

On the upper eyelid apply a light shade, namely at the area near the eyebrows. Blend to a smooth transition between the two zones. Dark grey, coffee or black eye shadow should be applied along the edges of lines drawn with a pencil. Then apply the shade on the hollows of the century.

Curl eyelashes and apply two coats of mascara. Before you apply a second coat of mascara, let dry well the first layer. In conclusion, on lips, apply lipstick or gloss caramel or pink color, it will only accentuate the brightness of your smoky eye.

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