перекусыHabit all the time something to chew on between meals actually affects the body. When a person gets used is during certain hours, additional snacks between meals only violate the digestive cycle and contribute to weight gain.

In fact, snacking is the use of certain foods, often in small amounts between meals. There are methods that will help get rid of this bad habit.


Some time

Meals should take place at a fixed time, three or four times a day. Do not neglect Breakfast, even if you are not used to eating in the mornings, definitely need something to snack on before dinner. You can eat something from dairy products, cereal or fruit, and enjoy a hot drink. Lunch should be balanced. The afternoon snack is the place to be. As for dinner, it should be easy.


Chew your food well

Chewing will help to trigger the feeling of satiety, as it promotes the release of histamine, which stimulates the secretion of gastric juices needed for digestion and transfer the signal of satiety. After 15-20 minutes from the beginning of the meal histamine enters the hypothalamus and takes the brain a signal to stop eating, and you don’t feel hunger.


The diet should be balanced

This important advice is very often neglected. A balanced diet should consist of 1/3 vegetables, 1/3 of starch products, 1/3 of protein, one fruit and one dairy product. The main thing is to eat in moderation, avoid dishes with sauces and fats. Make sure that the food was not too salty or sweet and too greasy. Due to the balanced nutrition you will not experience hunger throughout the day.

Discard low-quality food, regular consumption of it in large quantities is detrimental to health. These products do not satisfy your hunger in a proper way, and after a while you’ll be hungry again. It is better to prepare their own meals, so you choose choose products and are confident in their quality.


Healthy foods

Replace snacking with healthy foods, such as Apple, banana or calorie-free cookies. Not always the snack is a sign of poor nutrition, so people can attempt to get rid of stress or excitement. These habits can also hide the present malaise.


Feel free to talk about their problems

If you are feeling ill and are trying to “seize” their problems, perhaps you need psychological help. In this case, you will help professionals in the field of health.


Assessment of the situation

Determine situations in which you have the desire to eat something, for example, before the meeting, or upon returning home after work. In this case, you will be able to avoid the temptation.


Get rid of the temptation

If you think you can not resist, there is a radical solution to your problem: get rid of those foods that tempt you.


Find a suitable occupation

As you know, the desire to eat arises in those moments when a person is bored or not doing anything. You should try to take yourself to the max. Take a walk, do some chores, call someone, play sports, read, but don’t stay idle.


The rest is food

If you noticed that in moments of fatigue you have the feeling of hunger, instead of snacking better lie down for 15-20 minutes.



Write down or take pictures of everything you eat for a day. This way you will be aware of the amount eaten per day products.

If these tips you was not enough, you will very quickly gain weight and still can’t refrain from snacking, refer to the experts on nutrition that will help you and get rid of this problem.

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