солярийOn a beautiful even tan dream of many, especially in anticipation of the holiday season. Despite numerous publications about the dangers of sunburn, and warnings of physicians, tanning does not lose its popularity. A huge number of people go to the Solarium, and some can afford to sunbathe even at home. Solarium is a great way to acquire a beautiful and smooth tan, but what can turn this beauty and whether to risk their health for the sake of admiring glances.


The risk of cancer

Many people very quickly dependence on artificial tanning in the Solarium, in pursuit of a seductive tone leather men and women spend a lot of time in the sun. Doctors once again warn about the insecurity of this interest, because the more time you spend in the Solarium, the higher the risk of development of dangerous diseases, including cancer. Of course, tan in the Solarium has a number of advantages, but their number is negligible compared to the warnings and risk factors related with the stay in the Solarium.


The “correct” color

The only indisputable advantage of the Solarium can be considered to be its ability quickly to make the skin tan. If you terribly don’t like your pale skin, and in anticipation of the beach season the very thought of appearance in a bathing suit or swimming trunks makes you feel very uncomfortable, Solarium exactly what you need. Having started to use the Solarium at least a week before the holiday, on time you will be able to boast soft and beautiful bronze tone to skin.


The main thing is the sense of proportion

Unfortunately, in the pursuit of tan some people forget about the sense of measure and the result is not attractive bronze shade, and hideously ugly tan orange. Of course, this skin color looks not only beautiful, but extremely unnatural. Be sure that passers-by will turn you after, but in their eyes, you will barely notice the rapture. Tan in the Solarium increases the level of vitamin D in the body, but the same effect can be achieved through proper balanced nutrition and a short stay in the sun.


Skin cancer

Tan in the Solarium is fraught with a number of health risks, higher doses of UV radiation can lead to the development of cancer, in particular, to skin cancer. Solarium is beauty, but beauty with a taste of danger before you risk your health, think carefully whether fashionable bronze tone to skin lost health.

In some cases, a longer stay in the Solarium can cause burns, and over time, the skin may spots. Tan received in the Solarium short-lived, so in order to constantly be in the form you have to visit the Solarium regularly, thereby increasing the risk of side effects and more serious consequences.

It is proved that the frequent visits of the Solarium lead to premature aging of the skin. Enjoying a beautiful tan here and now, in a few years you may want to bitterly regret about what had spent so much time and money on treatments that ultimately has deprived you of the beauty and health. Pigment spots on the dry rough skin does not make anyone look, hardly a couple of months a beautiful tan are prematurely lost youth.


Helpful guidelines

Often to the use of the Solarium people use, following the whims of fashion, or indulging his own vanity, however, before you go to the Solarium, weigh the pros and cons. It is possible that the second thought, you will give up this idea, and even be able to dissuade her his girlfriend.

If bronze tan to you the purpose for which you are ready for anything, listen to the following rules that will help you enjoy your stay in the Solarium and get nice and tan with minimal risk to health.

  • Stay in the Solarium should not be boring. If you appreciate the silence, try to relax and disconnect all thoughts, more active people do not rest in the Solarium will help the player with your favorite music.
  • From time to time to arrange a “double dip”. What is it? Quite simply, immediately after leaving the Solarium put on the body bronzer spray, this simple technique will allow to increase the intensity of the sun at least twice.
  • Do not forget to change modes, priklyuchilas periodically from high pressure to low. To forget about Nazarevich areas, please check back vertical Solarium
  • Don’t forget to take care of the skin. Drink lots of water, take vitamins, regularly clean the skin. A nice tan is impossible without a beautiful, healthy skin.
  • Try not to use the same body milk for a long time. The skin gets used to this or that tool and eventually stops properly respond to the active ingredients.
  • Try not to take a shower for three to four hours after a stay in the Solarium. Many tanning continue to appear even after you got dressed and left the cabin. If you take a shower immediately after the Solarium, you just wash away your beautiful tan, not having time for them to admire.
  • Do not forget about regular exfoliation. Body scrub not only cleanses the skin, removing dead skin cells, but also contributes to a more smooth and beautiful tan. Regular use of exfoliating allows you to “upgrade” not only the skin but also the color of the tan.
  • The skin needs water. Don’t forget to saturate the skin with moisture and regularly use moisturizing agents. Tan poorly falls on dry, flaky skin. When Solarium, don’t forget to take a bottle with moisturizing body lotion. Do not forget to apply moisturizing creams and lotions immediately after tanning, and enable the moisture in the daily programme of skin care.
  • Lotion for the face and body are not the same. The skin on the face is different from the skin on elbows or knees. Apply corresponding to your type of skin lotion, moving from top to bottom, from forehead to the neck and chest area.
  • Do not forget about the suntan lotion. Tanning in the Solarium without such funds, each session tan conditionally reduced by five minutes, that is, those five minutes are held for you for nothing. Most of suntan lotion contain bronzer the elements that enhance the color of the sun and give a beautiful complexion.

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