Very often catarrhal diseases are accompanied by cough, the treatment of which may be delayed. Not paying enough attention to cough, he can turn into a chronic form that is very unsafe.

Along with a lot of drugs is a very good effect gives a known and proven long compresses cough. Compresses do through a variety of ingredients, these procedures may be oil, alcohol, water and dry, but most of the warming. Note – when overlaying compress the chest, you should avoid the area of the heart. Also with the disease of thyroid gland function with care when using such procedures in the throat.

When first beginning signs of cough will hot compress of Apple cider vinegar with water 1:3 and honey. Napkin moistened in this solution and superimposed on chest and throat, from top to tie a warm handkerchief or scarf. 20 minutes for this procedure to be sufficient.
Несколько рецептов копрессов от кашля1
During pregnancy thermal procedure is not recommended, some generally contraindicated, so it is better to use dry compress cough. For the cabbage leaf smeared with honey and put on the chest, night, covered with plastic sheets and towel.

Well-proven in the form of compresses honey cakes, recipes are a considerable number.

1. You can take the boiled potatoes in their skins, mash and mix with honey, on top of such a cake sprinkle the dry mustard.
2. Honey mixed with flour, mustard and sunflower oil in equal proportions. Thinly rolled out this cake and put on the back and chest.
3. It is enough to mix honey with salt, it is better to sea and brought to the breast. After the procedure, place of laying compress wash with warm water. But this method can be used only when the skin is not irritated or acne that often happens to young girls.
Несколько рецептов копрессов от кашля2
Another effective method is oil wrap. For that vegetable oil is heated only in a water bath. Soaked in oil wring out the cloth and put from the back and chest. Instead of film cover it with better tracing paper or wax paper, and on top wrap something warm.

Compresses cough give expectorant effect and facilitate breathing during illness. It’s pretty simple and effective method, and do not neglect them.

Article publication date: November 1, 2013

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