Низкокалорийные супы для похудения

Since ancient times, the soups are mandatory meal a day diet. Many modern nutritionists also believe that daily use of first serves a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and overall health. And this is quite understandable, because after a plate of freshly prepared dishes quickly comes a feeling of fullness, and the mood rises. Moreover, quite often you can find special soups for weight loss. Due to the same first course in a short time to return the shape symmetry, and the skin – smartness.

What is the use of diet soups?

  1. The first low-calorie meals, and liquid or semi-liquid consistency is easily absorbed by the body. After the soup does not have the sensation of heaviness in the stomach, there is not constipation.
  2. Used in the preparation of the ingredients retain their useful properties, and then saturate the body with vitamins and minerals that provided the meager diet of diet will save you from beriberi and other health problems.
  3. In losing weight, there are lots of options for cooking soups in the saucepan on the stove, in the bowl of multivarka and even in a ceramic or clay pot in the oven.
  4. In vegetable soups contain a lot of fiber, so the feeling of fullness occurs quickly and lasts for a long time in the few hours that remain until the next meal, you will not want to hold snacks.
  5. Daily consumption of soup fills a deficit of body water, but it is a violation of the drinking regime is one of “provocateurs” accumulation of excess fluid in the body, the appearance of excess weight and cellulite.

How to eat soups for weight loss?

If you will include in its daily lunch menu first course, prepared in accordance with the recommendations of nutritionists, it will be fine. For those who have set a goal to lose a few extra pounds within a short time, will fit the following proven options for intensive weight loss:

  • Seven-day diet. The scheme of preparation of such a diet is simple – every day you should eat the soup 3-4 times a day. This diet completely eliminated bakery products, fizzy drinks, alcohol, pastries, fried foods, fatty foods. And every day you will have the bonus of an additional set of permitted soup diet products.
  • Fasting day. In the morning, prepare for a whole day the pan first dish (about 2 years, maybe more – depends on your appetite). This day should be consumed only diet soup. Also allowed to drink non-carbonated mineral water and unsweetened green tea. Repeat the unloading, it is recommended not earlier than after 8-10 days.

Recipes for first courses, which will help to lose weight

Pumpkin soup. Grind one carrot and onion, pumpkin (300-400 g) cut into cubes or RUB on a grater. Lay the vegetables in boiling water, add salt to taste. Cook until soft ingredients. When serving you can add 1 tsp of olive oil, black pepper and chopped fresh parsley.

Tomato soup. Ripe tomatoes (700 g) pour the boiling water, remove their skin and grind. Pripuskayut tomatoes in olive oil for 2-3 minutes. Add the julienned bell peppers (300 g) and 1-2 cloves of garlic. Simmer vegetables until tender, then drop into boiling water, add salt to taste and boil for a few minutes.

Soup-puree of zucchini. Take 1-2 young zucchini, 1 medium potato, coarsely chop and boil until tender. Shred the vegetables in a blender until creamy, add salt, pepper, boil for 3 minutes. When serving you can add 1 tsp of sour cream with low fat percentage or the same amount of natural yogurt.

Broccoli soup. A head of broccoli parsed into florets. Carrots and bell peppers (1 each) cut, leek finely. A couple of tomatoes peeled and cut into circles. All the ingredients are put into boiling broth and cook for 15-20 minutes. If desired, the dish can be served one way or cook him soup.

Cucumber soup tarator. This soup for weight loss is a Bulgarian national dish. Carefully whisk in a blender natural yoghurt (350 g), walnuts (3 tbsp), a couple of cloves of garlic and olive oil (3 tablespoons). Fresh cucumber (2 pieces) RUB on a coarse grater and squeeze the juice out of it. All of the components to be joined together, add 350 ml of yogurt, add salt and pepper to taste.

Боларский суп таратор

Kefir soup. Cut the cabbage (100 g), cauliflower (100 g), young zucchini (1 pieces), onion, carrot (1 piece) and boil until tender in 1 liter of water. Allow the vegetables to cool for 20 minutes. 1% yogurt diluted with water from cooking vegetables to desired consistency, add the cooled ingredients, salt and seasonings to taste, chopped fresh herbs.

Lentil soup. Lentils (200 g) soaked in water for 6-8 hours. If you take small red variety, it is not required. Ovarium beans until tender. Remove skin from one tomato and shred the flesh. Onion finely cut, simmer in the tomato puree and add to soup. If necessary, top up with water to the desired consistency. At the end of cooking add salt and pepper to taste the contents of the pan. This first course will take a worthy place in the diet lentil diet.

Chicken soup. You can lose weight not only on the first vegetarian dishes, but also on a light soup from poultry. Chicken breast (boneless and skin) set on fire. When the broth comes to a boil, throw in the pan cut into strips or diced carrot (1 piece) and the onion, add the Bay leaf. The soup cooks 40-50 minutes. At the end add salt and pepper, and when serving, add fresh herbs. The chicken can be used as a main dish or to leave for dinner.

Bologna soup. Grind 200 g cabbage, 5 onions, 2 tomatoes peeled, 2 bell peppers. All the ingredients cook for 25 minutes. At the end add salt, pepper, crushed garlic cloves and Bay leaf for flavor.

Particularly popular among diet entrees purchased solidariety soup, which is famous in the environment slimming for their apparent “fat-burning” properties. Actually, of course, the ingredients of the dishes do not burn existing body fat, but can perfectly remove excess fluid from the body, improve the digestive system and promote intensive cleansing the body of toxins. The combination of these actions serves as a powerful catalyst for weight loss. So, with regular use of such a miracle-soup during the week, you can lose about 7 pounds of excess weight.


Irina, 42 years. Literally at the beginning of this autumn was eating soup to lose weight within 7 days. Managed to lose about 3 kg No discomfort, and a collection of recipes has allowed me to eat tasty, nutritious and varied. And in season vegetables it is also very economical diet. Now I just unloaded on the first dishes twice a week, that is certainly not to gain too much, and maybe even reset.

Vasilisa, 23 years. Ate some soup and lost 4.3 pounds per week. For me this is a great achievement, so I will try again after some time. So, you see, will take all the surplus that remained after pregnancy and breastfeeding. No side effects no – no problems with bowel or weakness. And me, the lazy, glad that weight reduction is not necessarily to run and jump – pounds themselves go.


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